Mandarin postharvest potential treatments

Mandarin postharvest potential treatments

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Due to the physical characteristics of mandarins, adequate post harvest treatments and proper handling techniques are required.

Mandarins travel great distances, the main production areas where exports are a major market are Spain, Brazil, USA, Morocco and South Africa. As mandarins are consumed globally, the fruit has to withstand tough situations that can danger its appearance and quality.

Therefore, attending the market needs of mandarins together with the poor physical resistance of the fruit, DECCO has developed a complete catalogue of postharvest treatments for mandarins, which allows for consumption across the world at almost any time of the year. 

Decco postharvest treatments
DECCO has several products on the market that create fruit protection for mandarins, they can be divided among:

Post harvest Sanitizers for fruits, like Deccosan FH, formulated with hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.

Post Harvest Fungicides such as:
Melanite: developed by Decco to control Geotrichum and is effective against Penicillium, which is made with Propiconazol.
Deccofos: It works against Penicillium and in combination with other fungicides shows great synergies.

Citrashine fusion: Post harvest wax, which provides a great control over weight loss and controls fruit ripening.

Edible coatings
Naturcover citrics: edible coating made from food additives that helps against loss weight, it is presented with two levels of shine: Natural and Shining.

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