Melinda Cherries, record of turnover and growing exportsMelinda Cherries, record of turnover and growing exports

Melinda Cherries, record of turnover and growing exports

Unitec Cherry Vision keeps creating tangible results

In 2018, the turnover resulting from the selling of Melinda’s cherries has been the highest ever.

And for the first time, over 10% of these cherries were sold abroad.

These are the figures published by Italiafruit News on March 26, 2019.

Important results, that make it clear how UNITEC technology supports producers of Packing Houses in increasing their business.

These results were possible thanks to Melinda Group’s choice to trust UNITEC technologies for the internal and external quality selection of their cherries.

In fact, in 2016 Melinda Group has acquired and installed in its new establishment at Segno (TN), a 6-lane UNITEC line, that counts on Cherry Vision 2 a technology for the electronic sorting and quality selection of cherries.

It’s been 3 years since then, and the achieved results are tangible, clear and speak for themselves: obtaining fruit of Consistent Quality over time, which is made possible by Cherry Vision UNITEC technology, wins the Consumer and brings a competitive advantage to the entire industry – from producers to consumers – and it is therefore able to make Packing Houses business evolve, allowing them to undertake or increase exports.

Franco Paoli, Melinda’s Director, spent these words at 2016 season opening: "We started a few days ago, but we are convinced that by selecting defects, color and size with Cherry Vision 2 system, our image will improve, thanks to the improved quality of the product we offer. Unitec Technology helps us to provide our customers with steady quality, and it increases our credibility through products characterized by consistent quality. We are sure that this will lead to customers’ loyalty in the long run, and it will also increase the consumptions".

Achieved results are especially positive, considered that since 2016 on, there has always been an increasing trend.

Results achieved today, in terms of turnover growth and increasing export push, add to those achieved in 2017: in fact, just one year after UNITEC line installation at Melinda’s establishment, there has been a great improvement both in terms of labor costs reduction, and increase in purchase prices for producers.

60 cents saved on labor cost, 30 cents per kilos increase in the price paid to producers”: these are the figures published concerning 2017 results. All this, while Val di Non Cherries, and all Italian cherries sector, were facing problems resulting from Drosophila Suzukii that might have damaged the entire harvest quality. On the contrary, thanks to Cherry Vision UNITEC technology, all damaged fruits were eliminated from the final product put on the market.

UNITEC Team satisfaction is renewed today, as then, seeing that after 2 years the trend continues to be positive and Cherry Vision UNITEC technology continues to bear the desired fruits to Melinda.

UNITEC Team, that lives on its Customers satisfaction, takes this news as a further encouragement to continue its constant work of innovation, in order to create new tangible results for its Customers.