Helios roof ventilation systems

Helios roof ventilation systems

The ventilation systems that guarantees versatility and adaptability that goes beyond industry

When it comes to professional ventilation, at MET MANN we like to talk about customization and high performance. In most industrial processes, environments are generated with high levels of indoor contamination or that require, for safety and regulatory reasons, an adequate system for the extraction of fumes or that manages to effectively renew the indoor environment of the facilities, ensuring that this way suitable conditions for work.

Although today it is possible to find a wide range of solutions on the market, it is advisable as a previous step to any installation, to look for equipment adapted to the needs of each project and that guarantees high efficiency and durability in use.

That is why at MET MANN we have opted for the power and versatility of the HELIOS brand ceiling ventilation systems Do you want to know them? The video, below, gives a quick explanation.

Although a priori it is thought that professional ventilation systems are only designed for application in industrial environments, this is not the case. Helios ventilation systems guarantee versatility and adaptability that goes beyond industry. Some of the most common applications for your equipment are found in:

Entertainment industry and public spaces: HELIOS vertical outlet ceiling fans provide air flow and a renewal of the interior environment that can be perfectly adapted to spaces such as cinemas, recreational and sports centers, concert halls, theaters, catering establishments, among others. They are also a very popular solution for public spaces traveled by many people, guaranteeing clean air in town halls, public buildings, museums, etc.

- Shopping centers and department stores: Helios fans are a good solution for the adequate air conditioning of large surfaces and for the extraction of smoke in environments such as parking lots.

- Homes and Buildings: Helios fans are able to provide fresh and renewed air in residential buildings, homes and offices, thus achieving optimal living conditions.

- Industrial application: This is, of course, one of the most frequently used applications for this type of equipment, either in potentially explosive environments (where we can find flammable gases in fuel warehouses, paint, etc.) or in industrial buildings whose processes involve high temperatures. (foundries, production rooms, metallurgical plants, etc.) Helios fans have a range specially designed to withstand temperatures up to 120ºC

Why choose a HELIOS ventilation system
When installing, many times the brand of equipment to be purchased is not considered. This factor is often decisive when assessing its performance, features and design, and many other factors that will affect the life of our next ventilation system.

Below we detail some of the main advantages that HELIOS ceiling ventilation systems have over other options available on the market.

Flexibility for any type of need
HELIOS has a catalog of more than 150 different models distributed in five series that can be adapted to any space and special application. In addition, all its models include temperature control systems, air quality, silencers and offering resistance to adverse weather conditions,

HELIOS fans are an economical and sustainable solution
Electricity consumption is another asset in favor of HELIOS fans, among its technical characteristics include the innovative state-of-the-art technology through which maximum performance can be obtained with minimum consumption, which will undoubtedly help us to reduce the energy costs of your company.

In addition to its low consumption, the equipment manufactured by HELIOS comply with the European Ecodesign standard through its energy saving system with ErP Ready technology, thus becoming a sustainable alternative.

A design that resists everything
HELIOS roof ventilation equipment has been designed using high quality maritime aluminum materials, which guarantees that the fans withstand adverse weather conditions such as rain, hail and extreme temperatures so that their installation outdoors is not a barrier to their operation.

Despite its robust and stable design, its aluminum construction allows it to reduce the total weight of the equipment by 40% compared to previous models, thus avoiding problems with transportation and installation.

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