Mirelite Mirsa relies on FAM Tridis cutting equipment to maximize its frozen vegetable quality

Mirelite Mirsa relies on FAM Tridis cutting equipment to maximize its frozen vegetable quality

Mirelite Mirsa takes product quality seriously.

Founded in 1981, it is now one of Hungary’s leading frozen food producers. Mirelite Mirsa’s extensive range of frozen products includes 40 different vegetables, 16 types of fruit, 18 pastries, various dry herbs and a variety of vegetable mixes and ready-to-serve dishes that are sold in 42 countries across the world, which will be increased up to 66 countries in the near future. In 2010 Mirelite Mirsa acquired the Mirelite brand, the world’s second oldest brand in the frozen food category, established in Hungary in 1945.

Mirelite Mirsa is a 100% Hungarian company, owned by the Loso family. Headquartered in Albertirsa, not far from the Hungarian capital Budapest, they employ well over 200 people in 4 factories throughout Hungary.

Back in 2018, the company was looking to modernize their existing vegetable cutting equipment to cope with their continued growth. “Capacity, cut quality, versatility, reliability and user-friendliness were 5 important criteria in our selection of new dicers”, says Viktor Loso, Director at Mirelite Mirsa.

"As our existing cutters were no longer sufficient for our increased production volumes, capacity was our first priority. The new cutter would have to be able to handle our current production volumes and at the same time anticipate future expansion’, Viktor Loso continued. ‘The Tridis cutting zone is clearly designed for optimal product transit, high passage speed and an unobstructed product path with minimum length. This gives us an excellent cut quality and optimized yield with less slivers and fines. Tridis was exactly what we were looking for in terms of capacity while at the same time achieving the highest product quality. This is really crucial for us to live up to our promise to deliver a consistent top quality for even the most demanding export markets such as Japan".

Bernard Van Dingenen, Area Sales Manager at FAM adds: "The Tridis cutter is ideal for vegetable processors, such as Mirelite Mirsa, that handle multiple seasonal products at high volume. It is a versatile dicer that allows processors to cut a broad variety of products into a multitude of cutting shapes and sizes".

"The cutter is not only very easy and safe to operate, it also allows easy changeover of cutting tools, significantly simplifying maintenance with less downtime. One example of the Tridis user-friendliness is its unique cassette system allowing the circular knife spindle to be replaced in under a minute". 

"Now 3 years later, we haven’t regretted our Tridis purchase for a minute", says Jozsef Loso, owner of Mirelite Mirsa, and one of Hungary’s pioneers in frozen food processing. Our investment in technological improvements, including the Tridis cutters, have allowed us to expand and become one of the largest supermarkets suppliers in Eastern Europe. It also supported our further expansion worldwide, now exporting our products to 42 countries what we would like to increase up to 66 countries step by step.

"From the very first moment we contacted FAM with our requirements, throughout the entire due diligence process, commissioning, training and after service, we have enjoyed FAM’s responsiveness and expertise to the fullest."

"All 3 Tridis cutters have fully lived up to their promise. Over the years, they have proven to be very robust cutting machines, perfectly designed for the demanding, heavy duty environment of an IQF vegetable processing plant."

As with all of our processing equipment, also for our cutters, we continuously invest in state-of-the-art technology. In an ever growing competitive world, it is technology such as Tridis that allows us to provide a bridge from the finest raw materials to the finest quality meals.