Mobilo Containerised Ripening Room, the mobile solution to ripen anywhereMobilo Containerised Ripening Room, the mobile solution to ripen anywhere

Mobilo Containerised Ripening Room, the mobile solution to ripen anywhere

Consumer demand for fresh fruit is increasing worldwide. Today, small or large importers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers need to ripen fruit any time, any place.

At INTERKO, we specialize in designing state-of-the-art, energy-efficient ripening rooms for the production source or the destination market.

The Interko Containerised Ripening Room takes our range to a whole new level. This trailblazing system enables high-quality fruit ripening anywhere in the world.

Pioneering design
Interko is the world's first manufacturer to perfect a ripening room inside a standard insulated refrigeration container. Our breakthrough system successfully ripens fruit within a compact space, following five years of development and testing with Fyffes.

Unlike any other ripening room on the market, the Interko Containerised Ripening Room is easily transportable by truck or ship.

Interko has engineered a bespoke mechanical design to achieve this space-saving solution, including a unique cooling fan system.

The room comes pre-installed with Interko's latest advanced ripening technology for further unbeatable added value.

The room is more energy-efficient than a standard ripening room thanks to its small size.

The Interko Containerised Room ripens various fruits to perfection, including bananas, avocados, mangoes, pears, apricots, peaches, and persimmon.

The technology can be adapted to ripen other climacteric fruit. Operators can ripen up to 20 full-sized pallets each stacked with up to 9 boxes of fruit. A full container holds 1086 boxes. The minimum load is 10 pallets.

For rapid deployment anywhere, the Interko Containerised Ripening Room comes pre-installed with our latest technology, including our new automatic ripening controller, a heat recovery unit (HRU), and lighting.

Unparalleled flexibility
An engineering first, our Containerised Ripening Room makes fruit ripening accessible to all. This unique system is perfect for those who:

    - Want the flexibility of easily moving your ripening room to a different location
    - Lack the infrastructure or space for a standard-sized ripening room
    - Do not have a permanent facility
    - Ned to respond quickly to market demand

The smallest ripening room on the market, the Interko Containerised Ripening Room measures only 2.5 meters wide by 2.8 meters high and approximately 12 meters long.

For ease of access, the room can be fitted with a door ramp, and/or a gas-tight, high-speed roll door.

Superior fruit quality
Our Containerised Ripening Room will improve your fruit quality.

Due to its small size, the room contains less free air and has greater humidity, This allows for more direct control over the ripening process compared with a standard ripening room.

Reduced manual inputs result in the superior quality of ripened fruit.

Easy to operate
Operating the Interko Containerised Ripening Room is incredibly straightforward. Multiple in-built sensors automatically steer the ripening process to perfection. These sensors communicate with a small control and service compartment which ripeners can access externally. This compartment houses the control panel, an air ventilation system, and an ethylene generator.

Multiple benefits
A mobile, space-saving, and turn-key ripening room that adds endless flexibility to your fruit supply at a minimal cost. All with the guarantee of Inteko's robust and reliable European build quality

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