Mobile Vacuum Cooling unit with remote assistanceMobile Vacuum Cooling unit with remote assistance

Mobile Vacuum Cooling unit with remote assistance

The first equipment, sold to Brazil

Moelco Levante supplied its first vacuum cooling unit, compact design, for Brazil. This new vacuum has the advantage of being trailer attached, which facilitates the change of location as needed, meeting the needs of rapid cooling of different growing areas and crops during the year.

In addition to years of experience in manufacturing of vaccum coolers, MOELCO LEVANTE incorporates a remote assistance system installed on the computer touch screen to troubleshoot remote programming without loss of time and travel. Only need is an internet connection.

Moelco Levante installed pre-cooling units in over hundred companies and numerous Spanish firms and outside Spain, especially Morocco and other countries of the Mediterranean Basin, as well as Portugal, Poland and Latin America.

Vacuum precooling is based on the application of vacuum to the product to download the temperature; this causes water evaporation from the product. The energy to change from liquid to gas is the heat of the vegetable, achieving the temperature drop. Operation cycles of 25 minutes reach the desired 2-3ºC as desired end temperature. It is an essential operation to maintain quality and prolong postharvest life of many products, particularly leafy species.