Moelco Levante S.L. belongs to the Grupo Moelco, and is specialized in providing Vacuum Cooling for the produce industry. The other two companies belonging to the group, Moelco Técnicas Aplicadas S.L. and Moelco Aplicaciones Indutriales S.L., work on the automation of industrial processes and engineering applied to vacuum techniques, as well as in water treatment.
Moelco Levante was founded in 1988 as a company focused on the maintenance of vacuum systems and building cabinets for electric components.

One area of activity was the maintenance of Vacuum Cooling units existing in Murcia, Alicante and Almeria, Spain, core of the vegetable growing business.  In view that more service was needed in these areas, it was created Moelco Levante, a  company that currently leads the Spanish market in construction and service of Vacuum Cooling units, with a consolidated portfolio of over 80 companies in Spain.

Actually the company also is active in other areas of the world  that produce salads, such as North Africa, Portugal, Italy, France and Poland. In the last country, to make it easier due customs and language affinity, Moelco counts on a local agent.

Products / services

Moelco Levante S.L. designs and manufactures precooling systems, Vacuum cooling, Vacuum coolers, Automatization, Instruments.

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