MULTISCAN TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. was the first Spanish company to fully develope a complete machine for the inspection of food using X-ray technology. Multiscan is the true specialist in small fruit selection, up to 55 millimetres diameter, sorting by colour, defects, size or texture.

All Multiscan’s machinery is characterized by its simplicity, mechanical strength and easy handling, operating with a unique vision and ejection system based on a single PC computer.

Multiscan Technologies S.L. is leader in inspection, verification and manipulation systems in the Spanish food industry. The company is present in all five continents with over 1000 vision artificial machines installed, including machines of olive sorting, cherry sorting, selection macadamia nut, etc.

Besides supporting and improving the current solutions portfolio, Multiscan is in constant strive to provide innovative approaches to the needs of the agrofood market. New equipment with unique capabilities have been lately introduced in the sorting of nuts like pistacho and pecan; new applications for sorting and grading of olives are constantly being marketed; X-ray technology and application development are directly run and managed by our R&D department; etc.

Multiscan Technologies S.L. offers a wide range of solutions applicable to the sorting and grading needs of markets such as olives, tomato, cherry tomatoes, cherries, pistachio, pecan, macadamia nuts, coffee. Multiscan also handles a wide portfolio of solutions based on X-ray technology, like inspection of bulk and packaged product, pitting control and other special applications.

The company works with three different fruit transport mechanisms (belt, parallel and individual rollers), optimizing the solution for each need with the best possible handling and inspection of their product:

S series: Computer Vision Machines with a transport system based on parallel rollers, allowing us to analyze 100% of the product surface and to sort by defects, color, shape, size or texture.

V series: Computer Vision Machines with a conveyor belt transport system, allowing us to remove foreign or inadequate material from the product baseline and to make a selection mainly by shape and color.

I series: Computer vision Machines with a transport system based on individual rollers, allowing us to sort the product by defects, size and color in a more versatile way.

We offer a wide selection of solutions to the various sorting and grading needs that any customer may have. On top of that Multiscan is the world leader in applying technology to the Table Olive market; and provides an ample portfolio of inspection solutions based on X-ray technology.

"What cn we do for you?", shows Multiscan success stories in different fields like cherry grading, sorting of macadamia nut and tomato.

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Products / services

MULTISCAN TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. offers food sorting and quality inspection for:
- Cherry, cherry tomatoes and tomatoes
- Olives
- Citrus fruits
- Onions
- Pistachio, macadamia nut, pecans
- Coffee
- Meat
- Fish
- Bulk product
- Packed products (trays, bags, boxes, cans, jars, liquid in tubes)
- Ceramic.

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