New range of baggers GirBagger Speed Line

New range of baggers GirBagger Speed Line

The best net packaging machine ever made

The new GirBagger-S is an improved version that has been developed after 15 years of experience and 3.000 units proven track record sales worldwide, and sets a benchmark in the horticultural sector.

GIRÓ presents a bagger that overcomes the GirBagger reputation range as a key element in the packaging lines.

Keep it faster
The new GirBagger Speed Line range achieves outputs up to 36 bags per minute, in 1kg Ultrabag packs.

The increase in speed compared to the previous generation of GirBagger packaging machines reaches up to 30%.

The use of consumables (net, film and labels) in high capacity reels, allows to offer an autonomy of up to 2 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Keep it versatile
It is not necessary to invest in a machine for each type of package that you want to make. The GirBagger-S can make up to 10 different types of packaging. Thanks to the scalability of the design, optional kits can be added to adapt the bagging machine to the need of the customer. A moderate initial investment in a basic model can be complemented in the future to obtain a more versatile packaging machine.

GirBagger bagging machines are suitable for the packaging of multiple fruits and vegetables of different nature and quality such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, avocados, apples, potatoes, onions, mangoes, etc.

It can be equipped with up to three different labelling systems: by thermal transfer, printing of thermal adhesive labels or by the donation of pre-printed adhesive labels.

Reliable and easy to operate
An industrial machine must be a reliable element in the production chain. It should not cause problems to those who must operate it.

The new GirBagger-S has been designed with the mentality of being a machine of great reliability, robust and easy to operate and maintain. All the critical elements and devices have been carefully studied, designed and manufactured to avoid productive failures and stoppages.

The large 10” full colour touch panel incorporates step by step operator guidance system to enhance the user interface by make it easy and intuitive.

Everything under control
Knowing the behaviour of the machine at all times is key to planning packaging properly.

The new GirBagger-S is equipped as standard with a GirControl integrated in the machine itself.

The GirControl is an application that allows real time monitoring to know all the production statistics. It also offers detailed information of all the stoppages and breakdowns.

By connecting the machine to the local network or the Internet, it is possible to manage the GirControl information from any other computer, without the need for any other device or intermediate element.

Only if you have several machines is it advisable to us an external GirControl unit that allows the integration of all the data to know the performance of the entire production line.

A solution for every need
There is a GirBagger-S model for every need depending on the type of packaging that you want to produce.

In addition, the modularity of the GirBagger-S range allows adding kits after the acquisition of the machine to be able to make other types of containers.

Shortly, soft versions for delicate fruit will be released.