News in Clip2Clip GIRO packaging

News in Clip2Clip GIRO packaging

C2C Fasihoned, C2C Paper, C2C Collectible

Back in 2016, a new concept was introduced by Giró in the marketplace in order to enhance the look-and-feel of mesh clipped bags: “Clip2Clip”*.

By attaching a bigger label clipped at each end of the bag, meaning from clip to clip (and so, where its name comes from), there outcomes a more compelling tag system to display messages, images and promotions.

Giró takes one step ahead and offers Clip2Clip labelling, acknowledged as C2C in its abbreviated form, deploying variants that deliver multiple creative options to packaging in order to improve their appearance at the supermarket and to help foster sales.

All C2C variant labels that are shown at Fruitlogistica 2018 can be produced with all homologated sizes, ranging from 40 to 98mm width and from 160 to 292mm length.

C2C Fashioned 
First of new Giró proposals is the production of labels with different shapes, so-called Fashioned. This eases the adaption of label shape either to the printed message or image on it. By doing this, the label integrates the bag in a really astonishing visual effect.

The C2C Fashioned labels may be produced in multiple die cut shapes tracing either a picture, or a logotype or anartwork contour. The only limitation there might be is a sharp finish of the label causing wrinkles or jamming on the guiding systems of the clipping head. Recommendation is to finish labels with rounded shapes and soft edges in order to avoid labelling conflicts when it comes to the bagging machinery.

The use of C2C Fashioned delivers an outstanding look-and-feel to the packaging that still surprises consumers.


C2C Paper
Another breaking new for the Clip2Clip bagging style is the possibility of creating labels with paper lamination.

C2C Paper labels are coated with an external paper layer that delivers a more vintage finish.

C2C Paper labels include an inner Poly-Ethylene layer that affords the optimum resistance conditions to a clipped bag. This Poly-Ethylene layer grants a superior tear and traction resistance, which are the necessary properties to ensure a robust and resistant packaging.

C2C Collectible

Last new-coming on the Clip2Clip bagging style are the C2C Collectible.

As to the present, all packs produced under the same batch are exactly the same as long as they are coming from a continuous consumable material, either a film or a label, that are fed into the bagging machine by means of a reel.

Thanks to a brand new printing technology available at Giró, label reels may be offered in a way that every single label is different from the previous printed one. By creating packaging with singular printed labels, Giró opens the possibility to address marketing activity or promotion at the point of sales, bond to the packaging label.

A potential idea is the creation of collectible labels whereby consumers attempt to gather a line-up of football players, celebrities or whatever playful idea that may foster the sales of the packed product.

* Clip2Clip (and its logotype) is a GIRO registered trademark

Picture C2C Collectible

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