Non-destructive Measurements of Dry Matter in AvocadoNon-destructive Measurements of Dry Matter in Avocado

Non-destructive Measurements of Dry Matter in Avocado

Source: Felix Instruments March News: All about the F-750, with information about avocado and cherry applications

Dry Matter is an important indicator of quality in avocados, useful in estimating the harvest date and in processing center operations. The traditional method for Dry Matter measurement is both destructive and time-consuming.

A study was conducted with the F-750 Produce Quality Meter , by FELIX Instruements, for non-destructive measurements of Dry Matter in Shepard Avocado, using 71 fruit for through skin calibration. Reference values were assessed with the industry standard oven method. The F-750 was calibrated using Model Builder Software. The F-750 Produce Quality Meter estimated Dry Matter of Shepard Avocado fruit with a calculated root mean square error of calibrartion of +/-1.1DM.

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The F-750 Produce Quality Meter can be used to estimate Dry Matter in Shepard Avocados. This may be applied in field for estimation of the progress of drying, or in process centers.

In field, the geolocation and mapping app of the F-750 allow field officers to keep track of location of measurements and may be used in time repeated measurements to estimate fruit maturity in the field.

In the processing center, measurement of Dry Matter can be used in assessment of ripening conditions. The F-750 online app can also be customized for quality control purposes.

1 - Fruit presentation for measuring Shepard Avocados in a bin with the F-750
2 - GPS based mapping of field measurements. Blue marks indicate mature fruit. Red marks indicate fruit identified as immature. Yellow block indicates when a paddock is nearing harvest criteria

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