Paclife establishes new patterns regarding solutions to maintain quality in cherries, blueberries and other kinds of export fruits

Paclife establishes new patterns regarding solutions to maintain quality in cherries, blueberries and other kinds of export fruits

Sponsor of the 9th International Seminar” Blueberries Consulting” and “AGQ Labs & Technological Services”

After many seasons with sustained growth, the Chilean manufacturer of active vessels Paclife continues on the innovation path and offers technological solutions for the fruit and export industry all over the world.

During recent visits paid to the Chinese market by the technical team of PACLIFE, it was established that many problems affecting fruit quality lying beyond control capabilities of post-harvest treatment still persist. Such as pedicel browning in cherries and fruit softening in blueberries. Both conditions directly related to dehydration during harvesting.

Dehydration on the field could reach 70% of the final weight losses of the fruit and 80% of the causes of loss of green color of the pedicels.

Technology to avoid softening of blueberries and pedicel browning in cherries
Paclife sends to the market a new concept of safe fruit, “from harvest to market”, using complementary technologies. A new bin protector and boxes called HARVEST TECH FRESH COOLING, with 0.9 to 1% of ventilated area. The system raises relative humidity in the harvesting containers over 80%. The protectors have an UV-filter, reflective silver color and isolate thermally in order to avoid warming of the fruit.

In the case of cherries, which must be water-cooled, a pallet cover has been developed, HYDRO TECH FRESH COOLING. This sheath has a great number of perforations. It is not necessary to remove it for water-cooling.

This technology allows keeping a high interior humidity, with values over 80%. And it keeps temperature stable during the whole process.

This new concept complements the use of the new vessels DYNAMIC CLEAR BOTTOM CURVED for cherries. These vessels are easily sealed, have an efficient elimination of residual air, less plastic in the vessel and allow for a quick formation of modified atmosphere.

Fitted with Paclife technology with zeolite nanoparticles, antifog additives and adjusted hygroscopy, they have the capacity to adapt to thermal changes occurring due to interruption of the cold chain when arriving to some markets, like China.

Technology for deliveries to Europe and the USA
Following the same supplementary line, aimed to protect other fruits like blueberries and cherries for destinations like Europe and the USA, in which case controlled atmosphere is mostly used, Paclife has developed its PALLET COVER technology, 0.3 to 0.9% of ventilation surface. According to ventilation standards for spraying on arrival as indicated by the USDA – Aphis protocol.

Finally, the MAP Paclife vessels make commercialization certain because, as reported in many seminars and publications, fermentation risk on arrival due to the use of MAP vessels in China is very high. Unless MAP vessels with adaptation capabilities and active technologies – of the type developed by and patented by Paclife some seasons ago - are used. These technologies have been the key to success in China and other destinations like Peru, where Paclife is leader in the use of MAP – active bags. And also in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and, very soon, also in Italy.

Paclife in Spain
Paclife sponsors the 9º International Seminar “Blueberries Consulting” and “AGQ Labs & Technological Services”, taking place next November 9th, Monday, in Punta Umbría, Huleva. It is a wonderful occasion to meet staff and managers of our company.


The picture belongs to the ad in the Chilean magazine “Campo”, and also does the text of this news release. The vessel on the left – Hydro Tech Fresh Cooling – and the one in the middle  - Dynamic Clear Bottom Curved -, when jointly used, yield optimal results, even in such complex markets like the Chinese. “Pallet Cover Fresh Cooling”, to the right, satisfies the needs of such demanding markets like the American or European ones.