Plastidom and Domplex Logis receive PME 2018 Leader awardPlastidom and Domplex Logis receive PME 2018 Leader award

Plastidom and Domplex Logis receive PME 2018 Leader award

PLASTIDOM (manufecturer of plastic packaging, palots, and other plastic items) and DOMPLEX LOGIS (packaging rental) obtained the renewal of the PME Leader 2018 (small and medium company leader) status attributed by IAPMEI, institution devoted to promote competitiveness and business growth of the companies.

The IAPMEI is an evolution of the PEDIP (Program for the Dynamisation of Inter-Company Cooperation), devoted to introduce new logics to support programs for the modernization of companies, both at national and community level, innovating in the instruments to promote business modernization.

The mission of the IAPMEI is to promote competitiveness and business growth, ensure support for the design, implementation and evaluation of policies aimed at industrial activity, aiming at strengthening innovation, entrepreneurship and business investment in companies that carry out their activities in the areas under the Ministry of Economy, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, with the exception of the tourism sector and the follow-up competences attributed to the Directorate-General for Economic Activities.

In addition to business incentives, IAPMEI has since assumed responsibility for the management of risk capital and consigned funds and, subsequently, participatory obligations and mutual guarantee, thus contributing to the recognition of the results of that program across borders and influence in the format of the following Community Support Frameworks.