• Harvest buckets

    Harvest buckets

    For fruit harvest, Plastidom DOMPLEX manufactures a wide range of buckets, used traditionally. With… Read more

  • Chest harvest buckets

    Chest harvest buckets

    For manual fruit collection Plastidom DOMPLEX manufactures chest harvest buckets, to make easier… Read more

  • Domplex foldable Pallet Container

    Domplex foldable Pallet Container

    The folding container pallet Domplex, by Plastidom, measures 1.20 x 1 m and heights, 0.80 to 1.25… Read more

  • Folding Box

    Folding Box

    Plastidom foldable box, in plastic, is available in several formats: The base measures 60 x 40 cm… Read more

  • Folding Box, single use

    Folding Box, single use

    The Plastidom foldable, one way box, or economic foldable box, is designed for one use. Available… Read more

  • Plastic packing, with form

    Plastic packing, with form

    Images shows a box designed to package melons (type Galia or Cantaloupe), by Plastidom. The form of… Read more

  • L/350, Container Box

    L/350, Container Box

    Box, by Plastidom, with 43 litres capacity. Colors, blue, white, ash. Dimensions: 500 x 350 x 320… Read more

  • Display bin

    Display bin

    The display bin, by Plastidom, can transport items in bulk and, without changing the container, be… Read more

  • Line of light, foldable boxes

    Line of light, foldable boxes

    Plastidom, the specialist in plastic containers, counts on a line of foldable plastic boxes. It are… Read more

  • Domplex Compost Container

    Domplex Compost Container

    The Domplex Compost container, by Plastidom, is designed to make compost, with a 30% reduction of… Read more