Play a part in the new reference book for the berry industry

Play a part in the new reference book for the berry industry

The book “Cultivo, poscosecha, procesado y comercio de berries” (Growing, postharvest, processing and trade of berries) is a collection of different articles written by worldwide researchers and professionals of the berry industry (Spanish version) and will be available during the first quarter of 2021

The strawberry is the lifelong berry, although in the last years blueberries have become more fashionable, and raspberries and blackberries are growing. In the last five years, the blueberry consumption has increased exponentially around the world. According to IBO, International Blueberry Organization, North America is the largest producer and its inhabitants, are the ones who most enjoy blueberries; they consume 446,000 tons per year. It is followed by Europe with 135,400 tons and Pacific Asia with 69,000 tons, according to the newest data from the International Blueberry Organization (IBO). In Europe, blueberry consumption is expected to increase about 7% per year over the next five years. Emerging markets such as China, India, the United Arab Emirates offer settling possibilities. For China are expected increases of 140% in the blueberry consumption; the cherry is still the most wanted fruit but the blue berry is already on the 2nd place.

This love for berries is due to its nutritional properties, something essential for the consumer during the last years, as well as its easiness of consumption. Due to their characteristics, single mouthful size fruits, are natural minimally processed products. They do not need previous preparation, they are perfect to consume while working, as a bite, and they replace snacks. In relation to their beneficial effects on health and wellness, promotional campaigns have announced them, creating the image of a particularly beneficial food, both fresh and processed.

Other berries such as raspberries and blackberries also have their space and options of future. As for other species, in Europe, the United Kingdom and Germany are also the main markets for berries. While blueberries are prefered in the first one, the Germans import more raspberries.

At the same time to the boom in sales there is a process of modernization of the crop system and specialization of producers, who continuously are looking for improvements in their results. Better cultivation techniques are possible due to research and new materials offered by different suppliers. The consumer is now interested in ecological products, the same occurs with other species. The Covid-19 pandemic has only increased preferences for everything that is perceived as healthy.

The tools for specialization
New “tools” are constantly added to those already available for producers to obtain a better and more profitable crop. From new varieties to fertilizers, ways for the control of pests and diseases, sensors for determining with more precision the moments in which the different tasks must be carried out and a long etcetera that goes trough the substrates to meshes for protection against climatological problems.

For this reason, we are publishing the book "Cultivo, poscosecha, procesado y comercio de berries" (Growing, postharvest, processing and trade of berries) whose objective is to become a reference for producers, packers and marketers of this crop. The book is divided into three main thematic blocks. The first one provides a general view of the business, emphasizing the main supplying countries. The second one, deals with growing, including crop propagation, physiology, varieties, fertigation, plant health, soil-less cultivation, organic production... The third block deals with post-harvest, industrialization and functional properties.

You will have "Cultivo, poscosecha, procesado y comercio de berries" at your disposal in digital and free format, as always, on the web portals Poscosecha.comTecnología HortícolaActual FruVeg and Biblioteca Horticultura . In addition, it will be sent through weekly electronic newsletters Poscosecha News, THM Noticias and Actual FruVeg Newsletter.

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