is a firm created by farmers. It was born out of experience but aimed at the future. It offers a wide range of packing boxes  for use in the fields and distribution, as well as seeding trays in poliofelins. Lighter, cleaner, ecological, those  are the requirements by users and European law makers.

The answer is a new generation technology developped by Ponienteplast and now available. Quality control at its finest, packages for all agricultural needs.

Ponienteplast knows no technical boundaries to produce all types of cases and seeding trays. Our products satisfy all the needs of farmers, packers and exporters.

Future technology for the agriculture to come. Lighter, transparent packing, cleaner, more ecological, those are the demands of the market, of the consumers and even of the European legislators. In order to find responses for them, Ponienteplast uses next generation technology. Quality control is taken to the last tiny details. Its research and design teams are ready to offer more advanced packing and seed trays every day.

Packing for any agricultural needs. Ponienteplast has no technical limitations in making any type of packing and seed trays. The needs of the field are what dictate our lines of work. The company has a wide range of standard products that meet the demands of farmers and exporters. But the seed trays too, for example, have found the way to make their work more profitable, taking advantage of the possibilities that our company offers them. Everything and anything is possible with Ponienteplast technology.

Ponienteplast is certified in ISO 9.001, ISO 14.001 and ISO 22.000 and is the manufacturer of reference in Spain for its quality and service, agricultural reusable packaging and single use.

It is part of CAPEC, association of circular economy for boxes and pallets.


Products / services

Plastic boxes for agriculture (reusable, single use, folding, nesting, low weight).

Plastic trays with / without holes for seedlings, including a stackable model

Plastic rings for plant tutoring (clips for attaching crops).

Industrial injection of plastics.