Communication Xeda International related to the COVID-19

Communication Xeda International related to the COVID-19

XEDA International is aware of the currents events and how fast the coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading.

We are carefully following all the measures recommended by the state, and invite you to do the same. Prevention's gestures, safety and altruism have to be our first choices.

The health of our customers and employees
Not working in open spaces but in offices; our staff is as less as possible exposed to the virus's risks.

Sanitary instructions have been strengthened, and are as for our staff than all the visitors who could enter in our offices and have a direct contact with the employees (delivery men, for example). 

Xeda International is still working
Despite of all the measures mentioned by the French president last Monday, Xeda International continues the business.

The production is still handled by the staff, and it’s the same thing for all the others trades which compose Xeda's activity. Like laboratory, deliveries, and the opening of the offices. Labels are still handled too.

However, we have to notice that with the currents disturbances, It could have an extra delay with deliveries. But, we still handle the production as said before.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us.

Kindest regards, 

Alberto Sardo
Chief Operating Officer XEDA International