• HPGen‚ĄĘ recognized as pesticide device for agricultural applications

    HPGen‚ĄĘ recognized as pesticide device for agricultural applications

    HPNow‚Äôs HPGen‚ĄĘ produces ultra-high purity, safe-concentration hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) onsite. The system produces hydrogen peroxide using only air, water, and electricity. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized the system as a pesticidal device under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Based on this determination, HPNow will now be expanding its activity in the United States and will be offering HPGen‚ĄĘ for the following uses: - Irrigation water treatment ‚Äď for the mitigation of bio-foul and bio-film from irrigation… Read more

  • Battling ToBRFV without chemicals

    Battling ToBRFV without chemicals

    A new virus is spreading through European vegetable greenhouses. It is a virus that reduces the growth of the plant, and the production. Viral pests are certainly not a novel threat to this industry. Nevertheless, this virus is a real threat to profitability indeed. Noteworthy is that this virus, a Q organism, is mostly spread by physical touching. That is the reason that most greenhouse operators already maintain strict hygiene protocols. With previous virus infections in vegetable greenhouses, sanitation of those objects was proven to be a helpful tool for the sanitation of crates and… Read more

  • Sanitation of edible seeds

    Sanitation of edible seeds

    Edible seeds such as sesame are produced in tropical countries, such as India, China and East Africa. A large portion of those sesame seeds is consumed in countries with strict hygiene standards, such as Germany and US. So, global players in the sesame seed business are continually looking for ways to improve their product in terms of hygiene. Damian van Dijk, Account Manager Manager at CleanLight, explains: ‚ÄúProducers need to sanitize their product, and yet they prefer not to apply chemical products that may or may not be acceptable in any given market, such as for example ethylene… Read more

  • Optimizing hygiene in Mexican horticulture

    Optimizing hygiene in Mexican horticulture

    Geoponica is a market leader in fresh produce in the Mexican market. They are particularly known for the quality of their peppers: Red, Yellow, and Green. Peppers are grown according to the newest production methods, in state-of-the-art greenhouses. Sorting and packing is done with an automatic sortingline. In view of the ever stricter limits on the presence of microbials on fresh food, the management at Geoponica is always looking to optimize proper hygiene protocols in their operation. Thus ensuring optimal food safety for the consumer. As part of this strategy, in 2019, Geoponica… Read more

  • Sanitation of sesame seed without chemicals

    Sanitation of sesame seed without chemicals

    In the last few months sesame seed has been an issue in the media. Organisms that may occasionally be found on sesame seed such as Listeria and e.Coli are commonly controlled with effective chemicals such as Ethylene Oxide. However, Ethylene Oxide is forbidden in the EU. As a result large quantities of sesame seed have been recalled and removed from supermarket shelves across Europe . Did you know that UV Hoods by CleanLight are being employed effectively to eliminate such pathogens from sesame seed without the use of ethylene oxide ? And without the high investement costs and high… Read more

  • Communication Xeda International related to the COVID-19

    Communication Xeda International related to the COVID-19

    XEDA International is aware of the currents events and how fast the coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading. We are carefully following all the measures recommended by the state, and invite you to do the same. Prevention's gestures, safety and altruism have to be our first choices. The health of our customers and employees Not working in open spaces but in offices; our staff is as less as possible exposed to the virus's risks. Sanitary instructions have been strengthened, and are as for our staff than all the visitors who could enter in our offices and have a direct contact with the… Read more

  • The success of the Chrysal Compostable sachet  ¬†

    The success of the Chrysal Compostable sachet  

    Last year Chrysal introduced an innovative compostable flower food sachet. The sachet is made of industrial compostable material which will result in a valuable reduction of plastic waste. Since the introduction the sachet has been a huge success with almost 1.5 million sachets sold so far, changing the flower industry for the better. With the introduction of the Compostable Sachet, Chrysal is changing the flower industry and moving from plastic flower food packaging to a biodegradable alternative which results in a valuable reduction of plastic waste. The materials used to produce the… Read more

  • A sticker that reduces food waste by extending product shelf life¬†

    A sticker that reduces food waste by extending product shelf life 

    Approximately one third of food produced for human consumption goes to waste every year, with fruits and vegetables accounting for a significant share. In an effort to reduce the amount of food that ends up in landfills, scientists at StixFresh have developed a sticker that can be applied to fruits to extend their freshness and shelf life. Developed by Zhafri Zainudin, who grew up in Seremban, Malaysia, the sticker uses a formulation of specially sourced beeswax and other natural ingredients to form a protective layer around the fruit and slow overripening. Zainudin was inspired to… Read more

  • OptiCept starts its journey to conquer the horticulture market

    OptiCept starts its journey to conquer the horticulture market

    Optifreeze has a unique, breakthrough technology and machinery that is going to revolutionize the world of horticulture industry. The technology is applied to the unrooted cuttings leading to extended lifetime, significantly reduced waste and improved quality of growing plants after long term storage. The work is in progress to expand the product portfolio to cut flowers and young plans also. The OptiCept machinery is now on its way to the farm in Kenya where the first step towards full commercialization is going to start as soon as the machinery arrives. Together with our partner ‚Äď… Read more

  • IPM DUBAI and WOP DUBAI Convince Exhibitors and Visitors

    IPM DUBAI and WOP DUBAI Convince Exhibitors and Visitors

    A new year and a new record - IPM DUBAI and WOP DUBAI seem to follow this motto. The most important trade fairs for the green sector and fresh goods in the Middle East were once more able to achieve substantial growth and, for the first time, filled three halls of the Dubai World Trade Centre. That corresponded to an increase of 18 percent. Read more