Three gallon humidifier for ripenning rooms or humidity requirements

Three gallon humidifier for ripenning rooms or humidity requirements

High capacity Humidification

This unit of QA SUPPLIES has an evaporative capacity of 3 gallons per hour and will accommodate most holding or ripening room sizes or relative humidity requirements. 

Handles most one to two load ripening rooms with ceilings under 12 feet tall, depending on temperature and humidity requirements.  

We can specify which of our models will work best for your particular application; 

- Simple installation: Can be quickly and simply suspended from ceiling; make water connection, plug in to outlet and unit is ready to operate.

- Simple operation: A humidistat controls operation of unit, which pumps water to a rotating stainless steel disc and discharges it at high velocity against teeth of stainless steel grid; resulting fine mist is mixed with air stream and remains suspended in air until completely evaporated a short distance from the humidifier.

- Made of corrosion-resistant materials.

- Quick and easy to clean.

- Designed to recirculate excess water in system so that no drainage hookup is required (available with drain hookup also).

- 115 volt, 50/60 Hz, single phase.

- ¼ HP motor (2.8 amps) 3400 RPM TENV, ball bearing.

- Weight: 30 lbs (13.61 Kg)

- Water Supply Connection: ¼" Copper Tube Compression Fitting or 1/8" MPT at water shut off cock; maximum pressure: 80 psig.

- Electrical connection: 5 ft rubber cord with 3 prong plug.

- Approvals: CSA approved; meets the City of Los Angeles' electrical and mechanical codes.