Baby Leaf, a new complete range of varieties for the professional marketBaby Leaf, a new complete range of varieties for the professional market

Baby Leaf, a new complete range of varieties for the professional market

SAKATA counts on a unique material in both spinach and Swiss chard from the dedicated global breeding programmes, with sowing calendar adapted to Northern Europe, Southern Europe (inland, cold area), and Southern Europe (coast, warm area). As well as a rocket variety.

Spinach baby leaf varieties
Sakata spinach baby leaf varieties delivers benefits for both the grower and the consumer, with excellent agronomic traits, field holding ability, combined with great texture, colour and taste. Different disease resistances to races of Peronospora farinose f. sp. Spinaciae.

Main spinach varieties include:
- SPUTNIK F1 is Sakata´s fastest variety suitable for early and late drillings, with thick leaves with slight puckering, dark green colour, oval to round shape
- APOLLO F1 is a widely adaptable variety, with medium thick leaves with puckering, dark colour, oval to round shape
- SOYUZ F1 is ideal for mechanical harvesting. Counts on upright plant habit, rounded leaf shape with good pucker, medium thick. Works well in Southern Europe winter productions.
- HELIOS F1 is slow to moderate, suitable for summer use in Northern Europe.

Swiss chard, baby leaves with sweet and mild flavour

Sakata range of new hybrid Swiss Chards offer some unique benefits with excellent hybrid vigour, Cercospora and Downy Mildew resistances to protect in the field, whilst also delivering for the consumer with a flavour that is much sweeter and milder than traditional Rhubarb Chard.

Main Swiss chard varieties include:
- BULL´S BLOOD SCARLETTA, eye catching colour for bagged salads, adds vibrant colour to bagged salads
- RHUBARB, with improved colour, is Sakata´s own selection of Rhubarb Chard, is a upright plant that enables easy mechanical harvesting. Provides a good contrast of colour
- GALAXY F1 is Sakata´s original hybrid. Ideal for spring and autumn in Northern Europe, also suited for winter production in Southern Europe. Fast maturing
- SEREN F1 is characterized for an excellent yield and bright green to vibrant red petiole contrast and milder chard flavour. Gives improved performance across the whole season

- FIRE FRESH F1 counts on excellent disease resistance and is Sakata´s fastest variety suited for all season production. Strong vigour and health, therefore ideally suited to organic production

- WILD ROCKET GAIA is characterized by slow bolting and a fast regrowth after first cut. Dark leaf colour.