Service & support for sorting, optimizing and packing small and delicate varieties

Service & support for sorting, optimizing and packing small and delicate varieties

BBC Technlogies after-sales service and technical support

BBC Technologies provides complete turnkey solutions for sorting, optimizing, and packing small fruit. The company specialize in soft, delicate varieties, preserving the natural characteristics of each piece of fruit.

BBC Technologies prides itself on providing exceptional after-sales service and technical support with own BBC Technologies Field Service Technicians.

BBC Technologies offers live and local service in-season service including site-specific dedicated Field Service Technicians when requested. The company also offers remote service via internet connection. The staff is also available to attend inquiries by dialing any of the regional contact numbers and pressing 2 for service.

A form allows to easy get in touch directly with BBC Support team­­­­­­.

After-sales service and technical support comprise the following aspects.

- Custom Pack House Design & Consultation
- Custom Turnkey Packing Line Design and Consultation Packaging Analysis & Feedback (Clamshell, Punnet, Bags, Boxes)
- Workflow Anaylysis

- Training for Key Pack House Operators
- Callibration of Equipment

Scheduled maintenance
- Scheduled machine maintenance for pre season service
- Spare parts orders
- Software Updates

Throughout the season
- In Field BBC Technologies Customer Support Technician
- Dedicated Technician Support
- Personalized In Season Support
- Remote in Access
- Spare Parts Local Facility
- 24/7 Toll Free

Post season
- Hibernation of Equipment
- Performance Feedback

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