Solutions for the frozen fruit industry

Solutions for the frozen fruit industry

Interview with TOMRA Food's Individually Quick-Frozen Fruit expert, Frank De Brauwer

Incorporating new tools and technologies has helped with tasks since the beginning of time and marks the transition from using materials to effectively utilizing resources.

Today's world requires solutions that were nonexistent in the past, but is new tech the answer to breaking old habits, can it make work simple for employees and managers, is it consistent? 

In a recent interview with TOMRA Food's Individually Quick-Frozen Fruit expert, Frank De Brauwer, we get the answers to these questions and examine what connection technology has with improving profits, food safety and sustainability.

What are the advantages of a sorter? How can it help counter the challenges we are currently experiencing?

A machine can break or go down, but it will never call in sick or no show on an important day. Repairs and proper cleaning allow the Blizzard to get back in the game quickly. Additionally, it can run 24 hours-a-day with no breaks, and that is something that is not possible even with the best workers.

Human error is something that, unfortunately, cannot be avoided, and a worker can't recognize each defect while simultaneously rejecting them while millions of products are traveling down the line per minute. 

In sorting, there are many variables, but the application of machines stabilizes these by establishing consistency that is not possible with the human eye, saving a lot of money in the long run. 

Having a claim from a customer harms your brand name, lowers trust, and could even cost you future business. 

TOMRA’s technology delivers consistently high-quality output and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business will always have your customers' trust. 

You can leave the resorting costs and rejected shipments in the past so your business can stay in stride when it comes to exceeding your customers' needs. 

Regulations surrounding COVID-19 are bringing additional costs that are impacting the bottom line, and to make it more difficult, some operations are not outfitted to handle the social distancing ordinances. TOMRA’s sorting technologies allow you to adhere to these regulations and spread workers out across the line where they can make the greatest impact on the daily goals.

Which solutions do we offer for IQF Fruit producers and processors?

The Blizzard is the primary sorting machine used within this industry. 

The sorting technology eliminates all foreign materials  and is an extremely reliable machine with low maintenance costs and easy upkeep (clean windows and clean the chute).