Sprint 2® Dicer, accepts an infeed product up to 16.5 cm

Sprint 2® Dicer, accepts an infeed product up to 16.5 cm

The addition to the URSCHEL line of dicers, the Sprint 2 builds on the technology of the DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer and is inspired by the longstanding Model G.

Accepting an infeed product up to 6.5” (165.1 mm) in any dimension, the dicer offers a stainless steel sanitary design throughout with the food zone completely isolated from the mechanical zone.

The new Sprint 2 offers an alternative for the Models G, G-A, GK-A, H, or H-A Dicers with increased horsepower and benefits, and is available in two versions – with and without a builtin conveyor.

- The Sprint 2® Dicer with discharge conveyor belt accepts a maximum infeed product of 6.5" (165 mm) in any dimension.

- Conveyor discharge offers optimized, controlled complete discharge of cut product to reduce waste.

- Features continuous operation for uninterrupted production.

- Cutting zones are completely separate from mechanical zones.

- Rounded tube frame contributes to sanitary design and ease cleaning.

- Provides 2- or 3-dimensional cutting by adjusting the slice thickness, crosscut, and circular knife spindles for a full range of dices, crumbles/granulations, or strips.

- The crosscut knife spindle in conjunction with the other cutting components create a compact cutting zone establishing precision cuts as product moves throughout the process.

- View videos of the Sprint 2 Dicer machine and product applications below:

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