Starch measurement and Starch measurement systemStarch measurement and Starch measurement system

Starch measurement and Starch measurement system

Starch (lat. Amylum) is an organic compound. It is a polysaccharide which consists of α-D-glucose units. Therefore, the macromolecule is one of the carbohydrates. Starch is one of the most important reserve materials in plant cells whilst animal or human organism and fungi use glycogen as carbohydrates reserves.

Starch is a product of the assimilation of carbon dioxide. Normally it is in the form of organized grains in the plant cell. These starch grains contain, depending on the plant, a different size and shape - like spherical, oval, lenticular or fusiform. Sometimes they are polyhedral by mutual pressure. It is not uncommon several grains together to form a rounded whole. (Source: wikipedia)

To estimate the starch content of fruit or vegetable "Lugol"-Solution (Iodine-solution) is applied.

UP offers an image analysis system able to objectively determine starch-content/degradation.

LB Lightbox
LB Light Box 3.0 with
- CCD camera b / w - halogen lamps 10 / 20W, Dimmer - (PCI slot required) GrabberCard - video-, power-cable, 12V cable, - 10 level scale, ball for white balance.

Starch-Measurement-System (2nd picture)
ART starch-test system consisting of: ART-lightbox + ART-Soft database 5.0. Requires free PCI slot, Windows7. For measuring, analysis and archiving of the starch content of stone fruit. Objectiv and accurate starch-content measurement - according to the standard 10-step-template.

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