Storage units - Smartbox, the answer to logistics and space problems

Storage units - Smartbox, the answer to logistics and space problems

Smartbox, by CAPP-PLAST, is  the intelligent, reliable and affordable answer to the logistics and space problems in the agro-food and industrial sectors (Picture 1)

Optimized logistics and storage: from 54% to 66% of spared space. Folding the container’s sides spares space during storage and transportation of empty bins, reducing the volume by a factor 1:2 to 1:3 depending on the box height.

Safe stacking: maximum stability during transportation, handling and when stacked. Fully safe self-support stacking thanks to the specifically projected feet/skids and base interlock system, either in the folded and erected shape which enables maximum stability during handling, transportation and stacking.

Greater capacity: from 5% to 12% more volume. Effective volume is greater due to the special shape of the walls.

No sharp edges: safe handling and goods integrity guaranted. Closed and perforated walls with smooth surfaces, specifically shaped and designed to protect the goods and the content. Easy to clean high water drainage to provide high hygiene and cleanliness.

Incredible strength: structure and skids ensure strength and stability. The base with two or three skids provides the structure with further robustness and stability, thus allowing handling either with forklifts and pallet transporters.

Incredible simplicity: practical, quick and easy foldability’s sequence. Safe and easy handling during opening and closing operations improves the working condition.

Complete variety of standard accessories. For all possible working needs.

Fully recyclable: No metal inserts for a whole recycling. The container, produced in high density polyethylene (PE-HD), has no metal inserts at all and is 100 % recyclable. If broken each component can be easily replaced, without any special tools, by a full set of spare parts.

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CAPP-PLASTone of the most important and dynamic italian companies in the field of plastic material processing, manufactures a large range of storage units. See here the Storage Units Catalogue