Successful in-house exhibition and anniversary gala for the Fresh-cut sector at KRONEN

Successful in-house exhibition and anniversary gala for the Fresh-cut sector at KRONEN

At the in-house exhibition KRONEN presented numerous news on 3200 sqm at its own venue in Kehl at the Rhine, Germany, on 28 September. One major topic was KRONEN’s “Internet of Things” concept. On the eve of the show customers and partners were invited to join the gala evening. With this event KRONEN celebrated its 40th company anniversary including the “KRONEN Award” ceremony. More than 240 participants from 45 countries accepted the invitation and travelled to the Black Forest region

Since 2008 the KRONEN Customer Day has been taken place every two years. It has been anticipated with great interest from the sector and thus, the number of participants has been increasing continuously. Customers and potential customers – namely Fresh-cut, convenience food, catering and specialty food producers – as well as partners of the company are invited to the event. This year’s event has a special occasion: KRONEN celebrated its 40th company anniversary and thus, organized a special professional and accompanying program. The comprehensive offer was very well anticipated shown by a record participation of more than 240 participants from 45 countries. And they were very satisfied with the program, too.

"We are glad about the record participation and that the event was very successful. It is a great chance to introduce our newest solutions, such as some new IT ready SMART machines, and to show to our customers and partners how we work directly on-site” says Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of KRONEN. “For the anniversary we made special efforts inviting to the Gala Dinner and the professional Forum. Eventually, our goal was to thank our customers and partners for the fruitful and long-term partnership, which made 40 years of KRONEN happen. As a family business this is especially important to us."

Novelties and SMART machines
At the in-house exhibition on 28 September KRONEN presented the newest solutions as well as the numerous proven machines for processing lettuce, vegetables and fruit – on a space of about 3.200 sqm in the demonstration center and in the production halls. To complete its offer the company works with system partners. GKS Packaging, Marco Integrated Weighing, Prominent, sterilAir and zti smart machines as well as cooperation partners such as Citrosol and Imunell were showing their latest products. Among others the following machine highlights were presented, live and in function:
- Newly launched drying systems K650 and BDS 3000/800
- New version of spin-dryer: KS-100 PLUS
- UVC disinfection lock
- Furthermore, KRONEN presented its “Internet of Things” concept and showed the SMART version of belt cutting machine GS 10-2. Also, a SMART version of a washing machine, which hygienizes products by a new thermic process, was introduced to the audience. The machines are connected to the internet and can transfer the machines’ states in real time to an internet portal. Wherever the user, technician or foreman is located, he can monitor the production status at any time on her/his mobile device and collect data for creating even more efficient production processes and for avoiding downtimes thanks to predictional maintenance in future. The SMART machines can be individually adapted to the needs of the respective user.

Expert speeches and new processed for hygienizing
Additionally, for the first time international experts held short lectures on future-oriented topics for the Fresh-cut sector in the new “KRONEN Forum“. For example, Ana Allende of CEBAS-CSIS in Spain lectured on the “Establishment of operating standards for fresh produce wash system” and Imca Sempers, University Ghent VEG-i-TEC Belgium, and Thierry Benezech, INRA France, spoke about „How to tackle biofilm“.

Insights into KRONEN company the attendees were provided with during the plant visits. Beyond, KRONEN presented new findings in the realm of “Hygiene + Technology”. Three completely new methods for hygienizing Fresh-cut products were focused on. All processes target to improve food safety without using any chemical additives: They are about Hygiene & Biofilm, Hygienization of process water and Thermic processes in industrial application.

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Anniversary Celebration with „KRONEN Award“ ceremony
The event offered the opportunity for professional exchange in an informal, pleasant atmosphere and was completed by the Anniversary Gala Dinner in Reithalle Offenburg for celebrating the 40th anniversary adequately. After a champagne reception with live music, visitors found culinary delights and a high-level entertainment program as well as the “KRONEN Award” ceremony. Four prize categories were awarded, this year’s winners are:
- Special Long-term Customer: Toepfer GmbH, Germany
- Highest Market Share in Representative’s Region: Mushkat Technologies, Israel
- Long-term Supplier: SEDA-FREUND, Switzerland
- Most Constant Market Growth: DanMix, Spain

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Statements of participants
Sergej Belov, Fruchtmanufaktur Luebbecke, Germany: “KRONEN is a great company. We have been working together since several years. The Customer Day was an ideal event to see new developments and the entire portfolio. KRONEN offers many solutions for many products. It is good to know that the company thinks and acts sustainably. Because we want to grow further and therefore need machinery in good quality. At the Customer Day we could see the right solutions for our application. The event was even better than last time. The professional lectures in the Forum were very good, too. Furthermore, I can meet the KRONEN team here, whom we have a long-term and friendly cooperation with. I am glad to be here and would like to attend again.”

Alvaro Figueroa, Fruta Internacional, Costa Rica: “It is my first experience of the KRONEN Customer Day. It is very interesting to see the facilities, how everything is made, and the new technologies and machinery which can help us. We already have a KRONEN processing line in use and it means a big improvement in productivity. The KRONEN representatives have been very supportive in guiding us around. They have done a great job! And in the next few days, we will do a plant tour with them visiting Fresh-cut companies and learning from our European colleagues. So, it was definitely worth the visit!”

C. G. Foo, Standout Marketing, Malaysia: “It was a very good event. We could look at solutions that you can potentially use in future, we gathered more ideas and knowledge. KRONEN machines are well-known and of good quality that is why we invest in them. The Gala Evening with the entertainment such as the magical show was also a great experience. It is nice to see that an industry event not just offers a professional, serious side, but that it can be a happy event at the same time. It was worth the journey and we hope that we will be able to celebrate the 50th anniversary together with KRONEN, too, and that we grow further together.”

Georg Funken, Bauer Funken, Deutschland: “All of what I have experienced was fantastic. The Gala Dinner on Thursday was really great. Also, it was very good to meet companions from the industry who had realized the Fresh-cut trend 20 or 25 years ago, just as we did. We have a long-term partnership with KRONEN starting in the 1980ies. KRONEN is an ideas provider and you know that you get a machine which fits. Know-how, network and quality – that is what KRONEN stands for in my opinion. We had started small many years ago – and what we have reached now is worlds above.”

Patrick Milne, Milne Foods Ltd, Ireland: “It is my first time at KRONEN. It is a very well organized and structured company. I am impressed by the way they are looking after the customers, and also by their philosophy and ideas behind the machines. It is an ethic, family orientated company and on the same time employees have a forward thinking. Manufacturing companies have to adapt to rapid changes which are taking place in the food business. My impression is that KRONEN is very well prepared for these market changes. I also like the research and developments activities of KRONEN as well as the co-operations with the universities which go into the products. Thank you for a great time I have had for my first visit to KRONEN and for all the kindness shown by all your staff.”

Tom Willy Olsen, Kjøkkenservice Industrier, Norway: "It was useful to see the machines and technical news and to profit from the knowledge of the KRONEN representatives. I have learned that they have been trained for two days just before the Customer Day at KRONEN, which is done on a regular basis. It is good to know that I can trust in the representative’s knowledge. As a manager of my own company I have to be sure that everything is working. It is impressive to see the quality of the KRONEN production and products and I am very confident that we can trust KRONEN.”

Marco Romero, Cece’s Veggie Co, USA: “It was a great event. We were able to see the KRONEN facilities and to interact and network with other people from the industry. The Customer Day is a good platform to find out what works well, what are the challenges and how to do better. We already have a GS 10 in use and it has simplified our previous processing method which has resulted in an outstanding outcome. Being here gave us the chance for an efficient exchange with KRONEN, we could provide them with direct feedback and discuss adjustments.”

Yoram Vooijs, Rungis, The Netherlands: “We are here for the first time. It was a professional event, very well organized and perfect to see the developments of KRONEN and which machines, products and innovations are in the market. We could speak with supplying partners such as Hitec and GKS. And the event offered also more informal situations such as the Gala Evening to work on the partnership. We deliver to high-class hotel and restaurant customers by 24/7, that is why we need reliable machines and that is why we have worked with KRONEN for many years.”

KRONEN develops and manufactures stand alone and special machines as well as complete processing lines according to the customers’ requirements – high- duty machinery for washing, cutting, dividing, peeling, de-watering, drying, and packaging food.

Today, KRONEN has 100 employees and is a globally operating supplier of machines and systems for the Fresh-cut, convenience, catering, specialty food and food industry with representations in over 80 countries and is selling its solutions in over 100 countries worldwide.

Due to the close co-operation with our customers and international partners, we consider it our commitment to keep traditional values such as quality awareness but also to react creatively and actively to the challenges of the global market.

Wherever crisp salads, fine vegetables and appetizing fresh fruit are beautifully prepared in quantity – KRONEN machinery is there, around the world. In 2018 the company celebrates a ‘double’ anniversary: 40 years of KRONEN and 20 years of Zillgith/KRONEN. In 1978 KRONEN GmbH was founded and in 1998 KRONEN was taken over by Rudolf Hans Zillgith as the Managing Director.

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