Tomato packaging in ecological traysTomato packaging in ecological trays

Tomato packaging in ecological trays

The TSA 680 P traysealer, by ULMA Packaging, allows tomato packaging in traysealeing with a cellulose tray (1st picture) or with a carton tray (2nd picture).

Tomato packaging in traysealing with a cellulose tray is a 100% compostable packaging. Cellulose based tray and PLA lid.

Tomato packaging in traysealing with a carton tray is also a 100% recyclable packaging. Carton tray and PLA lid.

TSA 680 P traysealer
Up to 25 cycles/min.

Automatic traysealing machine for all kind of preformed regular trays.

Specially designed for cut&seal applications or MAP by barrier system.

Tray transport system with arms. Suitable machine for integration in process automation with medium-high production performance.

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