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TOMRA Sorting Solutions has unified two champions, ODENBERG and BEST, to become undoubtedly the preferred supplier for the food market's sensor-based sorting and peeling needs. ODENBERG and BEST have created an invincible alliance when it comes to delivering sorting, safety and quality solutions throughout the process chain, as well as solutions for peeling, process analytics and chilling & freezing.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions now has more than 6,500 machines installed worldwide in the food market. Customers are reassured by the company’s even more comprehensive support and service network, close to its customers. TOMRA Sorting Solutions now offers a wider segment of application coverage and expertise, as well as boasting the leading sector experts and knowledge in research and development. This will enable the company to continue producing efficient, reliable state-of-the-art and customized solutions. In addition, the company has eight test and demonstration centers worldwide, where customers can trial their own products.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions can offer a complete sorting solution for different industries; one example is the potato industry, where we propose solutions in different positions in the process line. We offer a holistic approach maximizing yield and efficiency; collecting real-time information from the farm to the end of a French fry line. We provide high quality equipment to optimize the production flow, resulting in consistent high quality final consumer product.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions offers besides Sorting Solutions also Collection Solutions for a wide range of activities and industries. Collection Solutions include those for Reverse Vending, Compaction, and Material Recovery. Sorting Solutions include Recycling, Food, Mining, and Specialty Products.

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Products / services

FOOD TOMRA Sorting Solutions offer includes:
- Food Technology,
- Sorting Equipment,
- Peeling Equipment, 
- Process Analytics Equipment, and 
- Processing Lines. 
Additionally TOMRA Sorting Food runs 15 test and demonstration centers around the globe.

Food Technology
TOMRA Sorting Food provides a broad portfolio of cutting-edge sensor technology; its versatile combination offers solutions for almost every sorting task in the food industry. No matter what type of food you're sorting, removal of foreign material and potentially dangerous materials is critical. We base our approach on a range of criteria and develop a system that is tailored to your needs.

Sorting Equipment
TOMRA Sorting Food offers the widest range of sorting solutions available in the food industry today. We offer solutions for a multitude of food applications, from fresh whole products to processed food, from farm to fork.

Peeling Equipment
TOMRA Sorting Food has been designing and supplying superior potato and root vegetable peeling equipment for over 35 years’ with ODENBERG equipment. The focus has been on continuously improving efficiency, yield and quality of the steam peeling process. Today 75% of the world’s French fries are processed by TOMRA equipment.

Process Analytics Equipment
TOMRA Sorting Food has a number of analysis solutions available for the food industry specifically targeting French fries, peeled potatoes as well as pork trim and diced and ground meat.

Processing Lines
The food industry is a global business that processes billions of potatoes and vegetables each year. The variation of raw material creates a major challenge for processors to ensure consistency in product quality, taste, texture but also in production efficiency and yield optimization.

Test Centers
TOMRA Sorting Food runs 15 test and demonstration centers around the globe providing comprehensive services for the development of potential sensor-based sorting projects for the food, mining, recycling, tobacco and raw materials industry.