Magrabi and TopControl – two strong partners

Magrabi and TopControl – two strong partners

TOPCONTROL delivers modern overall solution Statistics Weights for packaging of table grapes to Egyptian Magrabi Agriculture.

Magrabi – a sustainable company
Magrabi owns and manages the MAFA Farms located round 80 km from Alexandria. The farms grow table grapes as well as other fruits and flowers on a total surface of about 3,400 hectares. In doing so Fairtrade certified Magrabi is committed to high standards of ethical, social and environmental responsibility.

The company’s objective is the steady modernisation of production processes to serve both the national and international markets in an environmentally sound manner with fresh products. Magrabi doesn’t only focus on the impact of its farming activities on the environment and the safety and well-being of their employees but also on the maintenance of profitability.

TopControl StatisticsWeights – a tailor-made overall solution
To achieve these ambitious targets, a continually optimisation of all processes is vital. For the optimisation of the grape packhouses TopControl was engaged to install 204 work stations as TopControl’s StatisticsWeights offers the perfect solution.

The combination of software and hardware that match perfectly makes for a maximum of efficiency. That guarantees an increase in productivity and at the same time a decrease of costs.

TopControl SSC9200 – the precise levelling scale
All work stations are equipped with the levelling scale SSC9200 which is integrated into StatisticsWeights and delivers the recorded weights directly in the centralized software. Due to the intuitive handling it is very user-friendly. To allow an efficient and proper use there is no time-consuming and hence expensive training of the employees required.

The display of the scale shows the difference between the actual filling of a punnet and the target weight in gram and number of fruits that need to be either added or removed. In addition to that, an LED bar with red and green lights indicates whether and to what extend the actual weight differs from the target weight.

This allows not only a quick packaging but at the same time a reduction of give-away and an increase in rentability.

With StatisticsWeights Magrabi is ready to meet future challenges and is able to serve the worldwide market even more economically.

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