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SystemScales - Checkweigher - ControlScales

TopControl offers scales in many variants, including intelligent scales:

SSC 9200
The levelling scale optimizes the leveling process of goods to be packed. Integrated into the network, the weights are recorded directly in the centralized software. With its high accuracy and immediate weight detection, the SSC 9200 provides savings in cost and time (1st picture)

MHP 1000
The semiautomatic multi-head scale MHP 1000 minimizes the overfilling of goods (giveaway) by the principle of optimal combination of several products. The two operation modes allow an optimal filling of trays on their target weight or to bring already prefilled units on their nominal weight. The flexible and intuitive use of the multi-head scale reduces worktime and costs (2nd picture).

MHP 5000
The automatic multi-belt scale MHP 5000 optimizes the packaging process by flexible quality control and fast levelling of goods. This leads to a high increase in productivity with a minimal deployment of personnel. The integrated operation modes for weight control support the operator to achieve a remarkable reduction of giveaway per tray. Connected with the TopControl software StatisticsWeights all weights and staff times are completely recorded, for an efficient evaluation and reporting. The flexible and intuitive use of the automatic multi-belt scale reduces time and costs (3rd picture).

RSC 9100
The picking scale was developed to portion units, using the principle of picking out a total amount of goods. Those are directly removed from a box on the scale and placed manually in a small pack or tray. Integrated into the Wi-Fi or Ethernet network, each station transmits the data to the centralized TopControl software (4th picture).

ST-EPW 310
The Catchweigher produced by TopControl was designed for a perfect weight control and as a reliable process-steering device in the food industry. Due to its great adaptability and flexibility, it satisfies all the needs for the final control of ready packs in bags or nets of weight-dosing machines (5th picture).

ST-A 310-A
The catchweigher ST-A 310-A with an ejection flap for non-conform packages, is the perfect weight control device and is used as a secure process control instrument in the fruit and vegetables industry. The ST-A 310-A catchweigher meets easily, quickly and cost effectively all requirements for weight control especially of were in nylon bags or nets.

ST-A 500
The ST-A 500 is an extremely versatile scale. Due to its great adaptability, it satisfies all weight control needs that might arise in an environment using conveyor belts. It can be used to control goods at the receipt, as well as in a warehouse, in a production facility or at the goods issue. The ST-A 500 stands out because of its functionality and user-friendliness.

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