Due to more than 40 years of experience, ULMA Packaging is able to offer the widest range and most innovative solutions for packaging equipment and systems, providing a shure added value to his customers.

ULMA Packaging can now be found in a wide range of markets thanks to its five product lines : - Stretch Film - Flow Pack - Thermoforming - Shrink - Vertical. ULMA Packaging is the only company to offer this wide range of packaging solutions.

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ULMA Packaging manufactures packing machinery: Horizontal Flow-pack packer for fruit,vegetables and ornamentals, vertical packer, angular machinery with and without retraction, dispenser and automatic load systems. Food packaging, Packaging of fresh cutted lettuce ready for consumption, Packaging of cherry tomatoes in flat bottom pack with 4 edge seal, Groups of potatoes crips packs packing, film extensible, flow pack, thermoforming tray sealer, shrink, vertical.

VIDEOS about types of packaging:
HFFS, Seal Horizontal Form Film, or Flow Pack or Horizontal         

Stretch film wrapping machine

Tray sealing

Thermoforming packaging machine

Vertical  wrapper machine.

ULMA Packaging counts on solutions for Food packaging, Medical packaging and Non food packaging.
Food packaging: Fresh Food Packaging, Dairy, Fish - Seafood, Meat, Poultry, Produce
Produce: Apple, pear, tomato, Asparagus, Banana, Beetroot, radishes, Citrus, Corn, aubergine, Cut vegetables, Frozen vegetables, Hearts, endives, Herbs, Lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, red cabbage, broccoli, Melon, pumpkin, Mushrooms, Oil, Olives, Onion, Welsh onion, garlic, Pepper, carrot, leek, Potatoes, Strawberry, cherry, Trays of fruits and vegetables.

ULMA Packaging fabrica maquinaria para embalaje: envasadoras horizontales Flow-pack utilizadas para frutas, hortalizas y ornamentales, empaquetadoras verticales, máquinas angulares con y sin retracción, dosificadores y sistemas de carga automáticos. Todo tipo de soluciones de envasado para el sector hortofrutícola.