New degree course in mechatronics of the University of Bologna will be born in Lugo in 2022

New degree course in mechatronics of the University of Bologna will be born in Lugo in 2022

New opportunities for young people

Lugo, in the heart of Romagna, will be the chosen location for the new Degree Course in Mechatronics at the University of Bologna, which will start in the 2022 academic year.

The project has been presented, during the press conference held on Friday, December 18, by the Mayor of Lugo Davide Ranalli, by Unitec President Angelo Benedetti, by the President of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio e Banca del Monte di Lugo Raffaele Clò and by the President of the Ravenna delegation of Confindustria Romagna, Engineer Tomaso Tarozzi.

The new Degree Course is a project born from Unitec strong will – an international company based in Lugo and specialized in technological solutions for sorting and selecting the quality of fruits and vegetables – and today it has become real. The headquarters of the new Degree Course will be the new Research Center that will operate on innovation and artificial intelligence, mechanics, mechatronics and robotics and that will be realized starting from 2021 in the former Iter area: a space that counts 7,000 square meters of laboratories, training rooms, offices, meeting rooms and an area dedicated to the manufacturing of prototypes. All this will be next to a service center with a canteen, a gym, a relax room, a reading room and a guesthouse. A real campus dedicated to Technological Research to look to the future with confidence as protagonists.

The idea of bringing a new university course to Lugo was born more than three years ago from UNITEC dialogue with the university world, in particular with the University of Bologna. A desire that has now become a reality thanks to the important support of the Municipality of Lugo, in particular Mayor Davide Ranalli, Confindustria Romagna and its President Paolo Maggioli, important companies in the area and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio e Banca del Monte di Lugo.

“The new degree course in Mechatronics that will be born in Lugo is a project in which the municipal Administration has believed from the very beginning – explains the Mayor of Lugo Davide Ranalli. – Supporting young people and their future also means building new opportunities to connect with the world of work. We believe that this Degree Course goes in this direction, giving real answers to the growing need of our companies to find specialized technical figures and at the same time offering our students further training opportunities. Our territory is therefore enriched by an important training opportunity that will attract new professional profiles and intelligence.

“We are proud to have been active promoters of such an ambitious project. – Said Angelo Benedetti, President of UNITEC. – To be able to support the training of tomorrow’s professional. Furthermore, creating an excellent opportunity for continuing the course of study of our Technical School in Lugo and all the Technical Institutes of Romagna, is a source of great joy for us.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks – continued Benedetti – to the Dean of the University of Bologna, Professor Francesco Ubertini, to the Vice-Dean for Education, Professor Enrico Sangiorgi and to the Coordinator of the Degree Course in Mechatronic Engineering, Professor Lorenzo Marconi for believing in the collaboration between the academic world, companies and the territory.

Sincere thanks also go to our Mayor Davide Ranalli, Confindustria Romagna and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio e Banca del Monte di Lugo, who agreed to support the location of this course within UNITEC Research & Development Center.”

The support of some entrepreneurial realities, among the main ones in the area, was also fundamental and strategic. For example, Deco Industrie (Bagnacavallo), Diemme Enologia (Lugo), Eurovo (Sant’Agata sul Santerno), Bucci Automations (Faenza), Madel (Lugo), Marini (Alfonsine), Natura Nuova (Bagnacavallo), Pucci (Lugo), Sica (Alfonsine), Surgital (Lavezzola) and Vulcaflex (Cotignola), who immediately seized the opportunity to materialize in the area the strong link between young people and the world of work, between training and business. This connection is made even more real by the curriculum envisaged in the new Degree Course. As a matter of fact, it will be a professional degree course in Mechatronics, lasting 3 years, which, in addition to classroom lessons, will give strong value to training related to work in the field, through laboratory experiments and a year of internship in companies.

“We enthusiastically accepted the proposal to place the new degree course in the Lugo area – said Tomaso Tarozzi, President of the Ravenna delegation of Confindustria Romagna – due to the presence of many member companies, but it should actually be considered a professional Degree Course for the whole Romagna, from Rimini, through Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Faenza to Lugo, outlining an high training opportunity of high professionalism, in the Technical Training Sector made up of the many Institutes or Technical Training School in Romagna.

We have supported this important project so that young students can train and apply their talents and skills to generate results in response to the strong needs of the realities of Romagna’s entrepreneurial fabric.”

This is certainly a very important value for the Romagna region since any territory can have a future to the extent that it is connected to young people, their training and the constant search for excellence.