It´s harvest time in California - UNITECIt´s harvest time in California - UNITECIt´s harvest time in California - UNITEC

It´s harvest time in California - UNITEC'S CHERRY VISION is there

Providing excellent results since the very first moment of the start-up

Cherry season has recently begun in California. Like every year, Harvest keeps growers and packers of this precious fruit on their toes, having to finalize the hard work of a whole year in just a few weeks.

UNITEC lines equipped with Cherry Vision technology – currently 12 in California, installed at the majority of fruit packers’ plants (O_G Packing Company, Morada Produce, Chinchiolo Stemilt, Felix Costa & Sons, M&R Packing, Podesta Packing, Warmerdam Packing) - are approaching the peak of the season, giving great satisfaction to American packers. Consequently, UNITEC Team, is gratified by the satisfaction of its customers.

Nine of these lines were already operational in the past seasons, while three have just been successfully installed this year.

To date all of them are running providing excellent results since the very first moment of the start-up.

The start-up of our New UNITEC 20 lanes went well and the machine is great for Rainiers.
The distribution is very even and with minimal drops.
The drops are very short and gentle on the product.
The whole atmosphere of the line is calm.

This is how Tom Gotelli, Partner of O_G Packing, has recently commented on their new cherry line.

These results are even more crucial if you consider that this is a challenging season for the cherry business in California: adverse weather conditions during winter time drove to a significant reduction in volumes and some quality issues.

Also for this reason UNITEC's Cherry Vision has proven to be even more valuable for the automatic sorting of the quality.

John Warmerdam, GM of Warmerdam Packing and co founder of The Flavor Tree Fruit Company as well has expressed his satisfaction:

This year we purchased a 12 lanes UNITEC line with Cherry Vision 2.
The start-up went well and we are very happy with the sorting.

Cherry Vision, entirely designed and developed by UNITEC’s R&D, offers several advantages that make it a reliable and strategic ally for cherry packers and marketers, even more so in seasons where the quality of the incoming product is affected by bad weather, and therefore processing efficiency becomes even more strategic.

Cherry Vision is able to help Californian packers thanks to its reliability and precision and has proven to be efficient right from the start-up. In fact, right from the first few hours of processing, Cherry Vision made the difference, and this is essential when timing is at the essence of business.

Finally, the automation of the whole process and the high reliability of Cherry Vision in sorting fruits based on internal and external quality make it possible to achieve important savings in labor with the guarantee of extremely uniform and consistent final packs, thus eliminating any chance of claim at the delivery.
These features allow Californian packers to feel more confident that they can do their job successfully and create a positive relationship with their customers.

This technology is able to ensure a final product with "Consistent Quality" over time.

Fred Podesta, Owner of Podesta Packing, firmly believes in UNITEC technology as a strategic asset to improve the business of his company.

On behalf of both Podesta Packing and M&R Packing, he highlights UNITEC’s value of giving the right solution to Customer’s needs.

We installed 16 lanes equipped with UNITEC Cherry Vision this season.
Start up went really well. UNITEC had a lot of support onsite to insure the start up.
We also installed a UNITEC Cluster cutter that is working extremely well and a UNITEC Eliminator sizer that is very gentle and does a good job at taking out the small fruit.
We also installed a AC_350 high speed box fillers.
This filler is gentle and handles the volume that UNITEC said it would.
All in all this was a very good investment for M&R and Podesta Packing.

Thanks to its innovations UNITEC is once again helping Customers to achieve important and tangible results and deal even with the most difficult challenges.

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