UNITEC Group at Fruit Logistica 2019UNITEC Group at Fruit Logistica 2019UNITEC Group at Fruit Logistica 2019UNITEC Group at Fruit Logistica 2019UNITEC Group at Fruit Logistica 2019

UNITEC Group at Fruit Logistica 2019

All fronts innovations, worldwide results

We will kick off the new year with Blueberry Vision 3, the latest technological upgrade for the quality selection of Blueberries, UNIQ Apples, UNIQ Kiwi and UNIQ Plum dedicated to the internal quality selection of Apples, Kiwi and Plums and Dates Sort 3, able to inspect 100% of every Date surface.

UNITEC Group specialized in designing and manufacturing high performance and innovative technologies for the processing and quality selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, able to build concrete Results which improve Packing Houses business, will be again this year at FRUIT LOGISTICA, the international trade event of fruit and vegetables which takes place in Berlin from February 6 to 8, 2019.

At Fruit Logistica 2019 UNITEC Group will take the opportunity to present and release its latest technology for the internal quality selection of Blueberries, entirely developed by UNITEC Group Research and Development department: Blueberry Vision 3 technology is the latest upgrade of Blueberry Vision 2 technology.

Seen the extraordinary results achieved by Packing Houses thanks to Blueberry Vision 2, today we will announce Blueberry Vision 3, a technology that can lead to a deep enhancement in blueberries international market.

The greatest reliability and precision in the quality selection meet a productivity increase never achieved before through Blueberry Vision 3.

But UNITEC Innovations presented in Berlin are to be continued.

There will be other key technologies:
- UNITEC innovative systems for the internal quality selection of Apples, Kiwi and Plums: UNIQ Apples, UNIQ Kiwi and UNIQ Plum.
Together with the technologies for the external quality selection Kiwi Vision 3, Plum Vision 3 and Apples Sort 3, nowadays thanks to UNIQ range of technologies those fruits will have no more secrets.
UNITEC has achieved a new important technological result, to guarantee to the Packing Houses which rely on it, the greatest assurance of offering a Consistent Quality over time at each delivery.
- UNI MANAGER DATES, the Unisorting electronic sorter equipped with the latest technological upgrade Dates Sort 3, able to analyze 100% of every Date surface, to guarantee the greatest reliability and precision in the quality selection of these fruits.

Finally, at Fruit Logistica 2019 we will take the opportunity to take stock of the first year implementation of Cherry Vision 3.0 technologies for the quality selection of cherries and Pears Sort 3 for the quality selection of Pears, shown at UNITEC and Unisorting stand respectively.

A very important year for UNITEC that has been innovating and keeps innovating unstoppably for the last 12 months. UNITEC firmly believes that innovation is the only way to offer concrete and highly performant solutions to every Customer’s needs. Everywhere in the world.

Technological knowhow, endless innovation and a professional Team driven by a strong passion for their job and the willingness to take 100% responsibility to guarantee concrete Results for its Customers.

It is with these Values that UNITEC Team will be again at Fuit Logistica with one main purpose: helping Packing Houses around the world to improve their business thanks to its technological solutions.

Insight on technologies

Blueberry vision 2 was the first technology in the world able to inspect 100% of every Blueberry surface. Blueberry vision 3 – exposed at UNITEC stand – is equipped with much higher resolution cameras, that enable a greater, more precise and reliable quality selection of the fruit.

The far-sighted Blueberry Vision 3 was developed to allow a full range of updating and joins high productivity, greatest reliability in the sorting with efficiency and gentleness in fruit processing, as never achieved before.

Cherry Vision 3.0 for the quality selection of Cherries, launched in Berlin one year ago, has already toured the world in the last 12 months, achieving concrete Results for Customers who have chosen it around the world.

The most surprising Results are those achieved in Chile. In 2018, thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0 UNITEC technology, many Packing Houses in that Country have successfully gone through their Cherries season and started or increased their cherries exporting process in the world, specifically in the Far East, well known to be very demanding with respect to quality.

An example could be Geofrut, a Chilean Packing House that has been relying on UNITEC technologies for years and has relied on UNITEC again by choosing Cherry Vision 3.0 in 2018.

Christian Echeverría, owner of Geofrut, has claimed by these enthusiastic words that:

"Thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0, within the final export packages, we are achieving a product which is consistent with what we are looking for! And the results, I must say, have exceeded our expectations until now! UNITEC technology has established itself on the destination markets. Our main buyers, I don’t mean just GEOFRUT ones but those of all Chilean businesses, are Chinese buyers. Undoubtedly, they prefer a product processed and packed with UNITEC lines".

Thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0 reliable quality selection, another Chilean Packing House can export top quality cherries in Asia, and especially in China, it is Cherry Group. Visiting the company website, it is possible to read the following words, which summarize the Packing House, thus UNITEC, objective.

"In order to comply with the quality expectations of Asian consumers, we process our top Cherries on UNITEC sorting machines and lines, that allow us to control our precious fruit from the field and until its final destination".

Pears sort 3, the innovative Unisorting of UNITEC Group technology for the quality selection of Pears, was launched just one year ago and has already achieved outstanding Results.

During July 2018, within one of Diamond Fruit Growers plants in Oregon it was implemented for the first time an 18-lanes electronic sorter equipped with Pears Sort 3 technology: it is the first highly specialized line for the quality selection of Pears in the world.

"We have gotten comments from our packers that see the fruit down the line. They are saying that it's the most consistent quality that they have seen ever!"

President of Diamond Fruit Growers, David Garcia, has commented the achieved Results by saying these words, making UNITEC Team very happy since it lives on its Customers satisfaction.

For any further information on UNITEC and Unisorting technologies please visit the website: and

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