Wide range of products thanks to the versatility of high performance grindingWide range of products thanks to the versatility of high performance grinding

Wide range of products thanks to the versatility of high performance grinding

Article by Urschel Latinoamerica about Comitrol® Processor grinding equipment in La Alimentación Latinoamericana magazine volume 353

As a world leader in food cutting technology, URSCHEL excels in providing efficient solutions for food size reduction worldwide. The Comitrol family of processors continuously reduces - in one pass, at high capacity and with minimal temperature rise - a wide variety of products for different applications. Comitrol mills are available in a variety of power ratings, with different feed systems and cutting heads to suit each manufacturer, their product and the desired particle size. Other methods grind the product, Comitrol, on the other hand, uses the principle of gradual incremental cutting, taking the feed through a series of blades to reduce it in a controlled, efficient and fast way.

Each Comitrol model is set up to run continuously, processing the product in one pass, without the need for operator adjustment and with minimal maintenance. Constructed from stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials to ensure a safe process and ease of cleaning, Comitrol grinders are capable of controlled reduction of wet and dry products to micron-sized particles, making them a solution for a wide range of applications.

For large and small food producers
Equipped with motors ranging from 10 to 200HP, with different feeding systems, such as gravity, screw or pump feeding, Comitrols fit every process, every manufacturer and every production line.

Three types of heads are used in combination with high-speed impellers. The speed of the impellers ranges from 1500 to 9300 RPM, and even up to 12000 RPM for special applications. These impellers generate the necessary centrifugal force that moves the product through the blades, which are fixed. This process results in progressive, incremental cutting that minimises product heating to avoid temperature degradation.

The three types of heads - cutting head, slicing head and micro-cutting head - are available in different configurations to achieve the desired particle size precisely.

Principle of operation
Grinding is the process of reducing a product in size. Conventional methods employ some form of action - such as friction, tearing or compression - which often generate excessive heat and degrade the final product. These methods also tend to generate greater particle size dispersion, increasing the percentage out of specification and decreasing yield and quality. The Comitrol line takes the grinding system to another level. The word "Comitrol" is an adaptation of an English phrase meaning controlled grinding. The Comitrol processor uses the principle of gradual incremental shear: the product is reduced efficiently, gradually and uniformly as it rotates and passes through a stationary reduction head, producing a uniform particle size in a single pass at high capacity. Standard operations in a Comitrol include granulating, shredding, flaking, dispersing, homogenising, mixing, blending, grinding, crushing and pureeing. There are thousands of applications.

Application for fruit and vegetable drinks and sauces
Each product presents a challenge depending on the desired final characteristics. The Comitrol efficiently processes fruits and vegetables by removing blemishes, stems, fibres, seeds and pit fragments to produce a smooth, consistent pulp or a dot-free juice. Of the three available heads, the micro-cutting head is the one that will produce the smallest particles and is ideal for micron-sized particles. The use of this head results in homogeneous looking juices. Any stains, black spots or imperfections will no longer be visible. The Comitrol process does not change the flavour or aroma, maintains the colour and incorporates all the fibre into the final product thus increasing its yield. By-products from fruit and vegetable processing, such as skins, seeds or pulps can also be processed in Comitrol to generate added value, either by adding to the final product or creating a new one. Typical applications include fruit and vegetables for baby food, sauces and juices.