Agrofood water purification benefits the industry, the consumer and the environment

Agrofood water purification benefits the industry, the consumer and the environment

VAM WaterTech technology steps purify the process water up to 100%

Agrofood water purification by VAM WaterTech allows to save a 95% on agrofood process water and purify the process water up to 100%. 

The CEO/Owner Eduard van Antwerpen explains "we offer a wide scale of purification techniques that we use to create a solution, tailored to the crop and the specific needs of your business. We can build our machines modularly, from a purification level within set standards up to 100% purification, from small to large businesses, and with the possibility of additional modules to remotely track and control, for example, the water parameters".

We understand the different requirements, and we offer solutions for potatoes, root vegetables, carrots and hard fruits

The purification process implies several steps for the process water:
- Curved screen / Rotating drum filter
Separates the rough parts from the water flowing from the washing installation. Afterwards the dirty water pump pumps it towards a cyclone.

- Cyclone
Filters the sand out of the water; the sand drops on a vibrating screen, from which it’s easily disposable as a compact product.

- Lamella separator
Separates water and sludge. The sludge particles settle in the sludge buffer tank, and the water flows to the clean water tank. From here the water is directed back to the washer in order to be used again in washing process

- Belt filter press
Concentrates the sludge into a compact, easily disposable mass, and pumps the remaining dirty water to the dirty water well

. Ozone + UV (AOP Process)
Purifies and desinfects the water coming from the lamella separator.

- Active coal / Reversed Osmose 
Purifies the process water to the level of drinking water!

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