Specialist in water purification surrounded by the best collaborators

Specialist in water purification surrounded by the best collaborators

VAM WaterTech ensures a level of purification from the percentage required by law up to 100%!

VAM WaterTech develops water purification solutions for a world where the growing population demands more water as a basic need, and as a means for producing sufficient healthy food.

The company develops and produces valuable water purification solutions for agrofood packaging and processing, such as potatoes, root vegetables/carrots or hard fruits such as apples and pears, …

Each individual VAM WaterTech solution is customized. An analysis of the situation is made by our specialists together with the client, where the specific needs are discussed. This enables us to offer a tailored solution specifically directed to the specific needs and circumstances of the client, taking into account the agrofood species, the tonnage being processed, the desired level of purification (from the percentage required by law up to 100%!), the future plans and developments of the customer regarding requirements and demands of the market, …

To reach the best solution for each client VAM WaterTech cooperates with the world’s leading system integrators, suppliers and research institutes to perfectly meet the ever increasing demands of customers for a healthier product that has been produced efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Examples of research partners
- Applied plant research (PPO, a research program of Wageningen University & Research centre)
- HZ University of Applied Sciences

In addition, VAM WaterTech cooperates with every leading manufacturer/supplier of agrofood washing lines in order to provide a seamless integration of its water purification solutions. 

Some of our current partners
- Dt Dijkstra
- Wyma
- Herbert
- Grisnich-Tolsma
- Gillenkirch
- Tummers
- HTech
- MAF.

Some of current suppliers
VAM WaterTech collaborates with world-renowned suppliers of specialized components, which form part of the water purification solutions: 

- Ozonia
- Distrimex
- Franken Inox
- Dewaco
- Lit UV
- Jumo
- Seepex
- Siemens
- Eaton-Moeller.