• "VDH Products technology is reliable: in recent years we have had zero failures with the PROBA 5”

    This is Frio Vizcaya “FrĂ­o Vizcaya has been designing and building cooling installations and storage rooms for 30 years. The company started in the Basque region of Vizcaya and now supplies refrigeration and storage technology for the commercial and industrial sector throughout Spain. In addition, we have been supplying ripening chambers for 5 years. They are a separate branch of cold rooms because of all the different parameters that you have to take into account. You don't learn the trade of ripening at school, you have to have a feel for it. We provide ripeners with the technology with… Read more

  • “VDH is helping to shape our creativity”

    “VDH is helping to shape our creativity”

    This is Fridina Koeltechnische Industrie “Fridina started out in 1937 as a supplier of refrigeration and freezing installations and has continued to develop over the years. That’s why we build practically everything in the field of cooling, for every possible capacity, application and environment. So from laboratory to industrial refrigerators and freezers, from air conditioning to freeze-drying installations, from pharmacies to ice cream factories and from supermarkets to superyachts. Our great strength is the breadth of our range. And we have customers all over the… Read more

  • "VDH’s professionalism and flexibility make it a very reliable partner"

    MUSS profiles itself as an ‘interior designer for the storage and processing of mainly potatoes and onions’. That means that the company supplies potato and onion growers with the technology and controls for all the activities that take place in the storage warehouse, from storing and sorting to processing and packaging. Read more

  • How to efficiently control tropical fruit ripening

    How to efficiently control tropical fruit ripening

    Ethylene application has many uses, including the ripening of climacteric fruits, affecting the color of the skin and the appearance, texture, flavor, and aroma of the pulp. These changes involve the transformation of reserve substances into sugars, the reduction of total acidity, the polymerization of certain phenolic substances, and the synthesis of volatile substances responsible for the aroma of the fruit. Therefore, it is a complex process that requires the optimum adjustment of several parameters, such as temperature, gas concentration, humidity, ventilation, and pressure. Ripening… Read more

  • "Our SMD line is extremely flexible and that gives us a huge advantage"

    As a Surface Mounting Engineer, Peter Timmer (57) is responsible for the production of all printed circuit boards developed by the VDH Products hardware engineers. Together with his colleague, he programs and operates the SMD moulding machine in a glassed area overlooking the production hall. “The range of what we make is enormous. With our pick-and-place machine we can miniaturise but also place very large components. 99 percent of everything to do with electronics in VDH's production comes through the SMD line, for which I’m responsible.' Circuit board technology The first… Read more

  • The Fruit Ripening Training: indispensable investment in quality

    The Fruit Ripening Training: indispensable investment in quality

    The banana is the best-selling tropical fruit in the Western world. In Western Europe, 5.5 million boxes of bananas are consumed every month. However, the quality of bananas and other tropical fruit in the shops often leaves a lot to be desired. The reason? Too little knowledge of the ripening process at the fruit ripening plants. The VDH Products fruit ripening training gives participants with the knowledge they need to use the excellent Proba 5 ripening system to ripen bananas, mangoes and avocados and other tropical fruits (including papaya) in such a way that they excel in taste,… Read more

  • VDH will be present at Fruit Attraction 2021

    VDH will be present at Fruit Attraction 2021

    On the FRÍO VIZCAYA stand, special attention will be given to the PROBA ripening system for tropical fruit and the MC-Fruit systems for storage and preservation for hard and soft fruit. Frio Vizcaya has been an official dealer of VDH PRODUCTS for a long time and has the special knowledge and skills to provide expert support and advice. Do not hesitate to visit Frio Vizcaya's booth, hall 10, stand E11B. Read more

  • MC2-FC controller: software update

    MC2-FC controller: software update

    With this notification, we would like to inform you that we have found a small software bug in the software of the MC2-FC controller. This software bug affects software version 3.05. This software bug has no negative influence on the operation of the controller. In the MC mode on the parameter page, the touch screen of the MC2-FC controller shows an incorrect parameter name for parameter numbers P342 and higher. Also, parameter P342 has the wrong default value and this value cannot be adjusted via the touchscreen. For the FC mode, the parameter names are displayed correctly. The… Read more

  • VDH Products develops a new off-browser version of VASP software

    VDH Products develops a new off-browser version of VASP software

    VASP software with version V1.1.92 or earlier is a browser version. If you have a VASP version with a version higher than V1.1.92, you are already using an off-browser version. Recently, Microsoft has definitively stopped supporting Internet Explorer. For VASP users who do not have an active VASP license and therefore still have a browser version of VASP, this may mean that the VASP system can no longer be accessed. VASP users with an active license were informed about this, after which the VASP packages were updated to the off-browser version, where you can also use a so-called client… Read more

  • All services offered by VDH's research and repair department are fully available

    All services offered by VDH's research and repair department are fully available

    For example, the previously applied trough hole technology has been replaced by complex SMD technology and the most advanced electronic components are nowadays used in the product of VDH. VDH controllers are becoming more complex in terms of both hardware and software in order to continue to meet the increasing wishes of our customers and to remain at the forefront of technological developments.All of this affects the repairs we perform on our products. Apart from the fact that our repair department uses the most modern techniques and tools, you can imagine that repairs are more intensive and… Read more