What are evaporative air conditioners?

What are evaporative air conditioners?

The natural air conditioning system, ideal for all types of local commercial, industrial and agricultural premises. Savings of up to 80% in electricity consumption compared to other air conditioning systems

Evaporative air coolers are all natural conditioning system with low power consumption and easy installation.

MET MANN, as a manufacturer of evaporative air conditioners has a wide range of products developed airflows 5,500 m3/h to 63,000 m3/h.

Our condition of manufacturers allows us to adapt to the needs of our customers by offering solutions to all kinds of demanadas in air flow, pressure, inlet filters, ATEX motors, etc.

The operation of the evaporative coolers or evaporative air conditioners is based on a completely natural cooling without the use of refrigerant gases, its operation is to cool and add moisture from the outside air by means coolers panels made of treated cellulose, this treated air is sucked by a fan (inserted into the machine) that drives the treated air in the enclosure to acclimatize.

Calculation of an evaporative cooler
To determine the most suitable equipment should only determine m2 of surface to be treated with a maximum height of 4m and depending on the type of activity to determine the number of renovations to make.

Industrial building height of 30x20x5m whose activity is the manufacture of plastic.

m3 of the room: 30x20x4 (maximum height) = 2,400 m3

m3/h of unit/s: For this type of activity is recommended to renew the air 30-35 times with which we must multiply the 2,400 m3 x 30 = 72,000 m3 / h

Once we know the airflow to cool the premises we need can consult the catalog of evaporative coolers and choose the model or models required.

Food Industry
Fruits and vegetables keep their freshness and also their prices minimize weight loss due to high humidity in the atmosphere.