Xedasol, the waxing concept for applesXedasol, the waxing concept for apples

Xedasol, the waxing concept for apples

Xedasol, by the Xeda group, is a patented formulation of natural shellac dissolved in drinkable alcohol.

This formulation does not require hot air dryer and leaves, after the alcohol evaporation, a moisture protective film, which resists to cold and / or humidity (no whitening, no scaling, etc.).

Moreover, the presence of alcohol ensures a complete sanitation of the fruit surface.

The protective film created this way “seals” the fruit, reducing dramatically the water loss and the gas exchanges, preserving flavours, firmness, crunchiness and juice, insuring a glossy and shiny fruit with a longer shelf life. The shine of the film does not fade away over time like in case of water waxes.


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