Xflow, automated bulk films for sealed-in freshnessXflow, automated bulk films for sealed-in freshness

Xflow, automated bulk films for sealed-in freshness

Xflow, by StePac, is roll stock film for packing bulk produce in high volume vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal production lines

The Xflow patented films are produced with varying water vapor transmission rates. These modified atmosphere/modified humidity (MA/MH) films contain a unique sealing layer that facilitates smooth and highly efficient automated packing of bulk produce.

Why StePac automated films?
- Save up to 40% in film usage compared to pre-formed bags.

- Lower labor costs with automated verses manual processes.

- Increase operational efficiency.

- Reduce risk of cross-contamination.

- Extend your season with a meaningfully prolonged shelf life.

- Provide more leeway for stock management for you and your customer.

- Deliver consistently high quality produce with top standard in food safety.

- Ensure aesthetic appearance.

- Improve airflow across the packaging.

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