• I have my own website ... Why should I use to be in Postharvest?

    Postharvest Portal is a "mall," a business platform for those seeking and offering machinery, materials and services; growers, packers, dealers, shops, ... can count on the products and services of companies that participate. New information, daily updated, leads to a high number of professional visits. To participate in Posharvest is easy!

  • Y already use word ads: why to participate in Postharvest?

    As more sites the information of your company is available..., the better. For a rational use of the resources, to select a specialized site ensures that the visitors are also potential customers. Postharvest is a unique platform, specialized, and with hundreds of daily visitors, profesionals of the produce or ornamental business, from all over the world. Postharvest builds brands and anticipates to the needs of users.‚ÄÉ

  • ¬ŅHow to contact Postharvest?

    Email: - Phone: +34-649 48 56 77 - Skype: Postharvest_Poscosecha