Ultrasonic treatment could be an effective postharvest approach

Ultrasonic treatment could be an effective postharvest approach

Suriyan Supapvanich and Chollawit Kijka, Current Applied Science and Technology

The purpose of this recent work was to investigate the efficiency of ultrasonic (US) treatment on the postharvest quality and bioactive compounds of ‘Kim Ju’ guava fruits during storage at room temperature (RT) (28±1°C) for 6 d.

The fruit samples were sonicated at 40 kHzand 150wfor 10 min.

Visual appearance, colour attributes, tweight loss, total soluble solids (TSS), titratableacidity (TA), texture, pectin substances, antioxidant activity, total phenols and flavonoids contents ofthe fruitswere monitored during storage.

The fruits treated with US had better visual appearancethan that of untreated fruits.

US treatment could delay weight loss but it had no effect on all colour attributes, TSS and TAof fruits.

Fruit softening was inhibited by US treatment due to delay in the formation of increased soluble pectin and by decreased insoluble pectin contents.

Moreover, US treatment could enhance antioxidant activity and the total phenols and flavonoids contents.

Nevertheless,there was nochange ofascorbic acid content in fruits during storage.

These results suggest that US treatment is an effective postharvest approach, which could preserve postharvest quality and level of bioactivecompounds of‘Kim Ju’ guavas during short-term storage at RT.

Picture - Visual appearance of ‘Kim Ju’ guavafruitstreated with and without US during storage at RT (28±1ºC) for 6 days


Efficiency of Ultrasonic Treatment on Postharvest Quality and Bioactive Compounds of ‘Kim Ju’ Guava Fruit During Short-Term Storage at Room Temperature
Suriyan Supapvanich and Chollawit Kijka
Current Applied Science and Technology Vol. 21 No. 2 (April-June 2021) 205