Edible coating to improve soursop postharvest

Edible coating to improve soursop postharvest

Miguel Angel De los Santos-Santos et al.,

The soursop fruit (Annona muricata L.) is a crop of significant economic value for Nayarit, which is characterized by having a bittersweet taste, making it attractive to the consumer.

However, the soursop has rapid maturation which causes a short shelf life.

Several postharvest management techniques have been applied to reduce its metabolic processes, such as refrigeration, use of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), and controlled and modified atmospheres. In recent years, polysaccharide-based coatings have been applied to fruits.

Therefore, the objective of this investigation was to evaluate the physicochemical and biochemical changes, as well as the antioxidant activity of soursop fruits with a mucilage-based coating (2%), stored at 22°C and 15°C with a 90% RH.
Weight loss, firmness, color, soluble solids, acidity, pH, phenols, flavonoids, vitamin C, and antioxidant activity were evaluated.

The results obtained in the coated fruits stored at 15°C showed lower weight loss (6.4%), lower firmness (29.7 N), higher TSS concentration (10.4°Bx), and lower acidity (0.38%) compared with the uncoated fruits.

The total phenolic content decreased in coated fruits stored at 22°C (54.3 mg EGA/100 g FW).

The highest antioxidant activity (DPPH method) was recorded in fruits coated and stored at 15°C with an average value of 257.9 mg EAA/100 g FW. Moreover, a high concentration of vitamin C was observed in fruits coated and stored at 15°C and 22°C (20.5 and 17.5 mg EAA/100 g FW), concluding that the coating based on roselle mucilage (2%) in combination with a temperature of 15°C prevents weight loss, decreases titratable acidity, and increases the content of phenols and vitamin C.

Furthermore, an increase in the shelf life up to eight days and in the antioxidant activity at the maturity of consumption was observed in the fruits coated with 2% roselle mucilage stored at 15°C.

Edible Coating Based on Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Mucilage Applied to Soursop Fruits in Postharvest Storage
Miguel Angel De los Santos-Santos, Rosendo Balois-Morales, José Orlando Jiménez-Zurita , Irán Alia-Tejacal, Graciela Guadalupe López-Guzmán, Yolotzin Apatzingan Palomino-Hermosillo, Guillermo Berumen-Varela , and Juan Diego García-Paredes
Hindawi, Journal of Food Quality, Volume 2020 |Article ID 4326840 |
Special Issue Improvement of Fruit and Vegetable Quality from Postharvest Biology and Technology Approaches

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