Effect of high CO2 pretreatments on asparagus was depends on the duration and temperature

Effect of high CO2 pretreatments on asparagus was depends on the duration and temperature

Lixia Wang et al., Papersearch

Asparagus is vulnerable to thrips that is the major insect pest of asparagus.

The effect of high carbon dioxide pretreatment (60%CO2, v/v) for killing thrips on asparagus sensory quality, physiological and biochemical changes during postharvest storage was investigated.

After 60% of CO2 pretreatments for 24h(CO224h) at ambient temperature or for 48h(48h) or 72h(72h) at 4°C, the asparagus were stored in MA package (10,000 cc/m²ă†Ťdayㆍatm oxygen transmission rate film) and non-MA package (perforated film) at 4°C for 30 and 25 days.

In all treatments, MA package obtained 5 days longer shelf life than non-MA package.

Irrespective of the duration, CO224h was worst in non-MA package but 72h in MA package with highest fresh weight loss rate.
The O2 and CO2 content was similar in all packages, nearly 19-21% and 6-11% respectively.

The ethylene content was little affected in CO224h, but lower at 4°C. In MA packages, the concentration of ethylene was nearly 1ppm whereas was 2ppm in non-MA package in the end.

The best visual quality was obtained in 48h MA packages which kept the marketability that determined by the score≥3, and the worst was the control(air) 24h in non-MA packages.

The off-odor was similar with the visual quality, and lower temperature inhibited the odor, it indicates that the temperature and duration of CO2 pretreatment affect asparagus sensory quality during the postharvest storage.

It is worth noted that control 60h has the lowest firmness in tip and stem of spear in MA packages, and 60% CO2 increased the firmness.

The CO2 pretreatments retarded hue angle decrease which related to duration in tip but not in stem.

CO2 pretreatments were obviously reduced the soluble solids content at 4°C and ambient temperature and the lowest was CO224h and the highest was 48h.

The electrolyte leakage was less in CO2 pretreatments in MA packages.

In conclusion, the effect of high CO2 pretreatments on asparagus was depended on the duration and temperature, 48h in MA package was better in keeping the sensory quality physiological and biochemical characteristics.

Effect of High CO2 Pretreatment and MA Packaging on the Change of Sensory Quality, Physiological and Biochemical Characteristics of Green Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) during Postharvest Storage
Lixia Wang, In-lee Choi, Joo-hwan Lee & Ho-min Kang

Picture by Hortisolas, Opciones de comercialización de los esparragos verdes