More about Postharvest – February 8th, 2018

More about Postharvest – February 8th, 2018

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The links available below, correspond to postharvest information published on different media. Every Thursday, we bring all this interesting postharvest-information together in our Postharvest News.

Picture of lantana flower,

202020 Vision: greening Australian cities together

A fifth of Turkish fruit and vegs go to waste

A smart greenhouse for urban crops

Acceptance of the use of food irradiation reached new levels in 2017

Acoustic detection of insect pests of stored grains in Kenya

Activity of enzymes associated with flresh browning in Brazilian genotypes of feijoa fruit

AHDB Potatoes presentations from SPotEast results day

An effective surfactant-assisted hydrothermal pretreatment strategy for bioethanol production from chili post-harvest residue by separate hydrolysis and fermentation

Antifungal mechanism of sodium dehydroacetate against Geotrichum citri-aurantii,

Attractive fruit packaging is a deciding factor when purchasing,

Automatic multi-head dosing systems by Veserkal fulfills accurately and fast the filling of trays of  fresh and perishable products like berries,

Baby Cassava: An Alternative Marketing Strategy for Freshly Cut Cassava,

BASF invests in Ahrma's intelligent pallets,

Bioregulators application in promoting fruit quality and postharvest maintaining,

Calcium content on apple fruit influences the severity of Penicillium expansum,

California company designs application to consolidate data into one application,

Carrier showcases XtendFresh at Fruit Logistisca,

Cassava in Central and Western Africa: Postharvest Constraints and Prospects for Research and Market Development,

Catering discovers fruit and vegetables, purchasing rose by 13%,,-purchasing-rose-by-13-procent

Changes at Emerson Cargo Solutions after acquisition of LocusTraxx and Paksense,

Clean Label Approaches to Food Safety,

Cold plasma used to kill pathogens on fresh produce,

Cutting machine for fruit chips or rings,

Cyclospora: Potential Reservoirs and Occurrence in Irrigation Waters,

Easy solution to remove pesticides,

Edible coating in the post-harvest conservation of endemic mangaba,

Edible plates mean no more plastic,

Effect of gamma irradiation on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tubers influencing post-harvest quality parameters,

Effects of a novel chitosan formulation treatment on quality attributes and storage behavior of harvested litchi fruit,

eJHS Journal Vol.82/6 - Thematic Issue: Vegetable,

Equipment revolution in blueberry industry,

Ethanol vapor and 1-metilciclopropeno in the quality maintenance of ´Cripps Pink´apple stored,

Fabbri group unveils new Elixa Libra packaging machines,

Factors associated with berry consumption in the USA,

Find information and resources for the vegetable industry,

Food comes at a cost, but the cost is not the same for everyone,

Fraunhofer bioORMOCER is awarded with The New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize,

Green potatoes safe for consumers to eat,

High-tech vegetable slicers,

Innovation and sustainability: Smilesys reclosable systems fight waste,

International team researches bananas,

Introduction of new precision size grader for green beans,

Introductory Chapter: Cassava as a Staple Food,

Low cost onion storage facility,

Melatonin increases chilling tolerance in postharvest peach fruit by alleviating oxidative damage,

Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Postharvest Treatments on Mango Preservation: A Review,

New device that prevents load in pallet trucks from falling,

New machine offers automatic cucumber sorting,

New produce printing method uses food colouring,

New QR cartridge minimises downtime for tray sealers,

Nominate your Business for Cold Chain Excellence Award 2018,

PC-based scale X-Class 800,

Plums could lower blood pressure,

Postharvest management of vegetables,

Post-harvest treatments for extension of mango fruit var. Dashehari (Mangifera indica L.),

Potato Weekly, 19th January 2018,

Potential Control of Postharvest Gray Mold of Pomegranate Fruits Caused by Botrytis Cinerea,

Prevalence of Postharvest Diseases of Mandarin Fruit in California,

Progress in research on hormone that protects plants against pathogens and stress,

Rabobank: World Vegetable Map 2018,

Reemoon expands its sorting line technology in the Mediterranean,

Rijk Zwaan Retail Center in Berlin is a permanent venue where Rijk Zwaan can develop knowledge about optimising the fresh produce category and share it with retailers and other chain partners,,

Robomart develops self-driving greengrocer,

Sectional door Sandwich panel,

Simple tips to fight inflammation,

Skin color and chlorophyll absorbance: Indices for establishing a harvest date on non-melting peach,

Small but highly effective helpers were specifically designed for gentle cleaning,

So much food going to waste,

Sol Group takes melon health message to Pinterest,

Sugar, salt influence food liking more than fat,

Tearless onion reaches marketplace,

The Difference Between UV Transmission and UV Absorbance,

The New Technology Solution for the Loss of Agricultural Products,

This robot hand can pick up soft fruit with no trouble at all,

Two biological products against Monilinia in stone fruit,

utilization of mechanical harvester,

Value chain improvement of fresh sweet potato through the


Vegetables Magazine, January February 2018,

What´s Cooking? - USDA mixing bowl -

Which is the best supply chain for perishable fruits, Lean or Agile?,

Winner of International Grower of the Year Sustainability award is @TerLaakOrchids from The Netherlands,