More about Postharvest - January 11th, 2018

More about Postharvest - January 11th, 2018

The links available below, correspond to postharvest information published on different media. Every Thursday, we bring all this interesting postharvest-information together in our Postharvest News.

Picture of daisies,

A cycle of organic fertilization of cashew trees improves the yield and quality of the products

A new concept in Slicing: Urschel's MicroAdjustable™ Slicing Head for the Model CC Potato Chip Slice

A survey of Post-Harvest losses of onion (Allium Cepa L. CV. Agrifound Dark Red) Crop in District Ambala

Activity of the pterophyllins 2 and 4 against postharvest fruit pathogenic fungi. Comparison with a synthetic analog and related intermediates

An inclusion complex of thymol into ß-cyclodextrin and its antifungal activity against Geotrichum citri-aurantii

Automation advancing on strawberry fields

Bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity in fruits of xocotuna, cactus pear and xoconostle (Opuntia spp.)

Biocontrol of insects plague: Origin of current ...

Biopolymer-Based Coatings and Packaging Structures for Improved Food Quality

Citrus Industry magazine, January 2018 issue

Combination Effect of 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) with Ajowan Essential Oil and Silver Nanoparticles on Postharvest Life of Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii) Cut …

Cutting machines for premium segment 

Degradation of pesticide residues by gaseous chlorine dioxide on table grapes 

Design and development of a manual potato cum sweet potato slicer

Design, development and performance of solar dryer for pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.), mamey (Mammea americana L.) and banana (Musa paradisiaca L.) fruit drying

Determination of Phenolic Composition of Tilia Tomentosa Flowers Using UPLC-ESI-MS/MS

Dissolved oxygen improves plant growth

Effect of cutting and storage temperature on Packham's Triumph pears (Pyrus communis L.)

Effect of deficit irrigation on the postharvest of pear variety Triunfo de Viena (Pyrus communis L.) in Sesquile (Cundinamarca, Colombia)

Effect of different post-harvest treatments on quality and shelf life of papaya

Effect of ethylene absorbant (KMnO4) with different carrier materials for shelf life of banana CV. Nendran

Effect of intermittent warming on alleviation of peel browning of ‘Nanguo’ pears by regulation energy and lipid metabolisms after cold storage 

Effect of preharvest CaCl 2 spray and postharvest UV-B radiation on storage quality of broccoli microgreens, a richer source of glucosinolates

Effect of preharvest CaCl 2 spray and postharvest UV-B radiation on storage quality of broccoli microgreens, a richer source of glucosinolates

Effect of the Combination Hot Water-Calcium Chloride on the In Vitro Growth of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and the Postharvest Quality of Infected Papaya

Effect of Transpiration in Post-Post-State Condition on the Agroindustrial Quality of Chrysobalanus icaco L Fruit Variety

Effect of wrapping material and chemicals on post-harvest behavior of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) cv Deshi

Environmental variables in packing houses and their effects on the quality of grapes

Ethanol on the postharvest control of anthracnose in 'Kumagai'guava

Eudicot plant-specific sphingolipids determine host selectivity of microbial NLP cytolysins

Evaluation of the elite strains of acid lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) for the quality parameters

Experimental potato delivers bounty of vitamin A and E

Factors affecting quality and health promoting compounds during growth and postharvest life of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.)

First report of Colletotrichum acutatum sensu stricto causing postharvest rot on pomegranate fruit in Italy

First report of postharvest rot caused by Pestalotiopsis sp. on grapes in Punjab, Pakistan

First report of two Penicillium spp. causing post harvest fruit rot of grapes in Pakistan

Floriworld will be the new int. attraction

Frequency of fungi associated to molds in the pedunculus on pineapples from two regions of Costa Rica

Germany: These are the food trends predicted for 2018

Glow-in-the-dark cut flowers and pot plants

Health agenda is a threat to traditional snacks

Hydrogen-rich water increases postharvest quality by enhancing antioxidant capacity in Hypsizygus marmoreus

Identification of determinants of postharvest losses in Zimbabwean tomato supply chains as basis for dedicated interventions

Impact of different doses of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) on postharvest quality of astringent ´Hachiya´ persimmons

Indole-3-acetic acid inhibits blue mold rot by inducing resistance in pear fruit wounds

Influence of hot water treatments on postharvest physicochemical characteristics of Hayward and Jintao kiwifruit slices

Innovative processes and technologies for packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables: a review

Investigating Different Methods of Closed Shell Pistachios Splitting and Effects of Freezing Prior to Drying on Shell Splitting Percentage

Killer Yeasts as Biocontrol Agents of Postharvest Fungal Diseases in Lemons

Mechanism of firmness loss in guava cv. Pedro Sato during ripening at room temperature

Mexico: A super-disinfectant for avocados based on hibiscus flower

Microwave extraction of champa (Campomanesia lineatifolia Ruiz & Pav.) fruit: alternative to obtain natural antioxidants

Minimizing postharvest losses in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tuber using gamma irradiation, mint oil and paclobutrazol under unrefrigerated storage condition

Modified atmosphere packaging for the retail market

More advanced blueberry sorting machinery and upcoming growth

More growers get involved in fruit packaging decisions

More marketers invest in digital

New apple varieties compete for fans

New and flexible banding machine presented

New break-away packaging for blueberries

Non-Destructive impact method for quality assessment of horticultural products

Optimization of vacuum cooling treatment of postharvest broccoli using response surface methodology combined with genetic algorithm technique

Oxalic acid and 1-methylcyclopropene alleviate chilling injury of ‘Youhou’ sweet persimmon during cold storage

Packaging Automation to demonstrate new motion tray sealer at Fruit Logistica

People consume about 40% more fruit if it's peeled and sliced

Phenolic enrichment in apple skin following post-harvest fruit UV-B treatment

Physico-Chemical changes in pear fruits in response to post harvest applications of oxalic acid

Plant growth regulators to enhance fruit color of 'Gala' apples

Post Harvest Processing of Moringa and Socio-Economic Appraisal of Moringa Orchards in Tamil Nadu

Post-harvest of parsley leaves (Petroselinum crispum): Mathematical modelling of drying and sorption processes

Potential applications of silver and copper nanoparticles for the control of Penicillium digitatum causing green mould disease on orange fruits in Vietnam

Pregnancy test science could protect veg crops

Preservation of Postharvest Quality of Leafy Amaranth (Amaranthus spp.) Vegetables Using Evaporative Cooling

Produce industry keeping tabs on blockchain

Production and Postharvest Evaluation of Selected Exotic Specialty Annual Cut Flower Species in Punjab, Pakistan

Proteomic Analysis Reveals Dynamic Regulation of Fruit Ripening in Response to Exogenous Ethylene in Kiwifruit Cultivars

Purple vegetables predicted to be a hot UK food trend next year

Response of Polyethylene Packaging and Storage Temperature on Postharvest Physiology and Quality of Tomato

Retail Updates, 3 January

Royal Flora Holland - 7 best-read news reports in 2017

Short hot water as safe treatment induces chilling tolerance and antioxidant enzymes, prevents decay and maintains quality of cold-stored cucumbers

Stem-end flesh browning of ‘Gala’ apples is decreased by preharvest 1-MCP (Harvista) and conditioning treatments

Studies on Osmotic Dehydration of Carrot Slices

The fresh trends 2017 survey

The influence of antioxidant postharvest treatment on content of biologically active substances during storage of cucumbers 

The influence of microwave-assisted drying techniques on the rehydration behavior of blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum L.)

The Packer, 2 January

Tissue Water Relations, Cell Wall Calcium Levels and Postharvest Life of “Golden Delicious” Apples

Traditional Chinese medicine a new remedy for crops?

Treatment of dragonfruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) with salicylic acid and methyl jasmonate improves postharvest physico-chemical properties and antioxidant activity during cold storage

Turkish cardboard packaging for export to Russia

Two new early asparagus varieties

Vegetable Specialty Crop News Digital Edition, January 2918

Virtual cold chain method to model the postharvest temperature history and quality evolution of fresh fruit – A case study for citrus fruit packed in a single carton

WPC, World Potato Congress, Newsletter

Younger generation prefers ecological packaging