More about Postharvest - March 22nd, 2018

More about Postharvest - March 22nd, 2018

March 15th, 2018

The links available below, correspond to postharvest information published on different media. Every Thursday, we bring all this interesting postharvest-information together in our Postharvest News.

Picture of Lavandula,

1‐Methylcyclopropene (1‐MCP) effects on natural disease resistance in stored sweetpotato

Actividad Antifúngica de Extractos Vegetales Contra Botrytis cinerea en Fresa

Asian Seed magazine

Bagged salad greens: healthy or not?

Blockchain in the global food system

Certification responds to increasing demand for sustainability

Changes in Cuticular Wax Composition of Two Blueberry Cultivars during Fruit Ripening and Postharvest Cold Storage

Chemical composition and anti-microbial activities of the essential oil of Adansonia digitata stem-bark and leaf on post-harvest control of tomato spoilage

CRISPR gene-edited foods, Soon, in a grocery store near you

Decay mechanism of postharvest pathogens and their management using non-chemical and biological approaches

Detection of fungal infections in strawberry fruit by VNIR/SWIR hyperspectral imaging

Determining the Optimal Apple Harvest Date

DHL delivers by bike in city centre

Digital platform shows seafreight service offerings

Effect of non-chemical crop load regulation on apple fruit quality, assessed by the DA-meter

Effect of non-chemical crop load regulation on apple fruit quality, assessed by the DA-meter

Effects of temperature on postharvest respiratory parameters and quality attributes of ackee (Blighia sapida Köenig) fruit arils during storage

Enhancing the efficacy of yeast biocontrol agents against postharvest pathogens through nutrient profiling and the use of other additives

Evaluation of Rhodosporidium fluviale as biocontrol agent against Botrytis cinerea on apple fruit

Family packaging business creates 'box/bag' combo for grapes

First Food for Thought newsletter of 2018

First Report of Nigrospora sphaerica Causing Kiwifruit Postharvest Rot Disease in China

Freeze-Drying Fundamentals

Freshly-squeezed orange juice grows considerably compared to other categories       

Gullimex measures, monitors, analyses and registers temperature, humidity, CO2, leak detection & hygiene. The company offers a wide range of sensors, temperature gauges and data loggers

Impact of apple microbiota on Pichia anomala strain K, a biocontrol yeast against apple major postharvest diseases

Impact of Salinity on Quality and Post-Harvest Conservation of Gherkin (Cucumis anguria L.)

In Bremerhaven, potato peels are turned into chips

Industry 4.0: Intelligent solutions for more success

Influence of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Postharvest Quality of Baby Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) Leaves

International FoodTec Award: current winners

Lidl Ireland To Reduce Plastic Packaging By 20% In Five Years

Main Factors Affecting Post-Harvest Grain Loss during the Sales Process: A Survey in Nine Provinces of China

March 8, 2018 | Volume 9, Issue 10

Mechanical harvesting of papayas might be a reality with computational technique

Mechanical Shaking and Baling of Balsam Fir Trees Influence Postharvest Needle Senescence and Abscission

Melatonin delaying senescence of postharvest broccoli by regulating respiratory metabolism and antioxidant activity

Methods to assess fruit quality focusing on non-destructive methods

Never Store Seed Potatoes in a CIPC treated Storage, warns McCain Storage Expert

New packaging line processes 20,000 mini cucumbers per hour

NewAG International, March/April issue

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Edible Coatings Effects on Keeping Quality of European Plums (Prunus domestica L.) by Laser Light Backscattering Imaging

Optimal storage temperature and 1-MCP treatment combinations for different marketing times of Korla Xiang pears

Performance of five haskap (Lonicera caerulea L.) cultivars and the effect of hexanal on postharvest quality

Tree age affects postharvest attributes and mineral content in Amrapali mango (Mangifera indica) fruits

Effects of acetic acid vapour on the microbial status of 'Merchant'and 'Oktavia'sweet cherries (Prunus avium L.)

More Definitive Food Profiles

Physicochemical and biochemical traits of sweet pepper hybrids as a function of harvest times

Physicochemical properties of seven outstanding strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) varieties cultivated in Cundinamarca (Colombia) during maturation

Postharvest conservation of'Tommy Atkins' mango with bio-organic coating of Chlorella sp.

Post-harvest insect infestation and mycotoxin levels in maize markets in the Middle Belt of Ghana

Postharvest Physiology and Storage of Golden Apple (Spondias cythera sonnerat or Spondias dulcis forst): A Review

Post-harvest UV-B radiation modulates metabolite profile in peach fruit

Potatoes Australia Feb./March 2018

Propane guarantees safety during the storage phase

Raspberries: from substance to hype

Regulation of the protein and gene expressions of ethylene biosynthesis enzymes under different temperature during peach fruit ripening

Retail Update 7th March 2018

Series of free webinars to help growers prepare for future of farming

Stop wasting time peeling your vegetables

The five main challenges of the Spanish agro-food sector

The potential use of Debaryomyces hansenii for the biological control of pathogenic fungi in food

Use of Nondestructive Devices to Support Pre- and Postharvest Fruit Management

Use of post-harvest hawthorn yam (Dioscorea rotundata P.) in the extraction of lactic acid

Vegetable specialists now deliver to people’s homes using Yape

We are now the only people producing potato tubers hydroponically

With robot-assisted pepper packaging, 30% more productivity and fewer failures

Year of the beet