More about Postharvest – March 8th, 2018

More about Postharvest – March 8th, 2018

The links available below, correspond to postharvest information published on different media. Every Thursday, we bring all this interesting postharvest-information together in our Postharvest News.

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10 Health Benefits Of Eating Apples You Never Knew

A grower nutrition survey reveals production practices for successful HLB management

A robot designed to follow farmworkers

Alvarpack Group - packaging solutions for the fresh-cut segment

Avanza: successful trials of Active CA technology for avocados

Better circulation due to air distribution mats in reefers

Biochemical, physiological and pathogenic identification of bacterial isolates assocaited with soft rot and black leg in potato

Biological control of common postharvest diseases of apples with Pseudomonas fluorescens and potential…

Branding of Marketing Fresh Produce Increases

Characterization of biochemical factors affecting crop load in three olive cultivars

Citrus Industry, March 2018 Digital Edition

Clients ask for remote-controlled units

Conventional reefers no longer sailing, but reefer container market not simple

Crates made from unsold artichoke waste

Crosstalk between calcium and melatonin affects postharvest physiological deterioration and quality loss in cassava

Diazotrophic bacteria with activity promoting vegetable growth in Daucus carota L.

Different Preclimacteric Events in Apple Cultivars with Modified Ripening Physiology

Disrupting rather than innovating

Eating fruit, vegs helps combat depression

Efeito de produtos convencionais e alternativos no controle de doenças póscolheita do abacate

Effect of conventional and alternative products on postharvest disease control in avocados

Effect of Hexanal Vapour on Postharvest Quality and Shelf Life of Banana var. Grand Naine

Effect of Post-Harvest Chemical Treatments on Physico-Chemical Quality and Shelf Life of Custard Apple (Annona squamosa L.) During Storage

eJHS Journal - Volume 83/1

European Court of Auditors examining organic food control system

Evaluación de la incidencia y severidad de nemátodos y artrópodos plaga en el cultivo de rosas (Rosa spp.) variedad Freedom, en la finca Flor de Azama, Cantón Cotacachi, Proincia Imbabura

FDA program tests herbs and guacamole

First plastic-free supermarket aisle unveiled

Flexible ‘robot hands’ pack delicate herbs

Flexible and modular: The Bizerba cash register and scale system »K-Class Flex«

France: New "100% pesticide-free, 100% natural" label

Genetically engineered tomatoes may be plague resistant

Genetically reliable papaya seeds

Germany: ‘Convenience food potato sector very strong’

Influence of cut, packaging and storage temperature on physicochemical aspects of minimally processed Carica papaya cv.'Formosa'

Italy: Cost of paper and plastic material to increase by 20%

Nanoparticles used for pesticide screening

New Method for Early HLB Detection

Optically sorting onions with a click of the mouse

Physio-Chemical Properties of Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) Stored in Locally Constructed Postharvest Cold Storage House

Potassium/Calcium ratio affects quality and colour of Selva strawberries

Produce: New Priorities and Preferences

Production of vinegar from pineapple waste: process optimization and characterization of products through a metabolomic approach

Quality and antioxidant traits of organic apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.) at harvest and after storage

Ready-to-eat asparagus thanks to new technique

Relative Performance of Parent and Hybrid Cultivars of Gladiolus (Gladiolus hybridus Hort.) for Post-Harvest Attributes and Response to Different Holding Solutions

Retail partners Colruyt Group to pilot with FutureProof retail's Self-scanning Mobile Checkout

Retailer tests innovative CO2 cooling technology

Role of the Zinc Nutritional Status on Main Physiological Bioindicators of the Pecan Tree

Spain: Waste management with micro-algae cultivation

Speed roll-up door Instant Protect

Stored Grains - Insect Control Recommendations for 2018

Studies on Bunch Feeding on Yield, Post-Harvest Parameters and B: C Ratio in Banana cv. Rajapuri (Musa AAB)

Study compares organic and conventional strawberries

The 'hippies' have won

The Packer, 23th February

Tomra continues expansion with acquisition of BBC Technologies

Transforming fruit production by plant growth regulators

UK: Lettuce disease a research priority

US hydroponic growers can earn organic cert.

VIE cool handling: Innovative solution for transporting temperature sensitive air cargo goods

Walmart announces ‘Eden’ tech for produce freshness

War on waste: Plastic-free shopping aisle opens in Amsterdam supermarket

What is post harvest, why is it important?

WUR ranked as the world's best ag univ.