Orchard Factors Affecting Postharvest Quality of Stone Fruits

Orchard Factors Affecting Postharvest Quality of Stone Fruits

Kalpana Choudhary, Nirmal Kumar Meena & Uma Prajapati, In: Production Technology of Stone Fruits

Quality is the major factor which is perceived by the consumer. In stone fruits, quality criteria can be judged by appearance, colour, size, fragrance and their internal composition such as sugars, phenolics, specific gravity, total solids and other biochemical constitutes.

Stone fruits are considered as a rich basket of phytonutrients.

There are numerous factors which determine quality of the fruits.

Orchard factors like orchard soil, microclimate, quality of irrigation water, application of nutrients, rootstock, canopy management, pollination and use of hormones are more prominent which influence overall quality and acceptance by the consumer.

The reason being they regulate different catabolic and anabolic processes which lead to further improvement in quality characteristics.

Climatic conditions affect from its cultivation to harvest. High temperature leads to injury, whereas frost also caused damage to cells. Fruit size and colour development in temperate stone fruits are highly variable and dependent upon temperature.

Mineral nutrition determines various levels of photosynthates, sugars, acids and other compounds. Deficiency of these leads to various physiological disorders.

Suitable rootstocks control accumulation of nutrients and water from the soil and also influence vigour of the tree. Some salt-resistant rootstock improves fruit quality in mango, peach and ber.

Similarly, training and pruning are major aspect in temperate stone fruits. Hormones play an important role in governing various metabolic processes and enzymes. They create resistance against various diseases and stresses.

Therefore, combination of these orchard factors not only influences the quality but also alters the shelf life.

This chapter will be discussing about various orchard factors which influence quality and food value of stone fruits.


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